Top Youtube Influencers in India

YouTube as a platform has grown tremendously, ever since its inception in 2005. Today, it is the third most visited site on the Internet after Google and Facebook. Videos have proven to be the most engaging form of content and this has, in fact, given rise to a number of individuals showcasing their skills and talent through creative and offbeat videos and snippets. From conventional concepts like beauty and fitness to out-of-the-box ideas like pretentious movie reviews, music covers and animated football videos, individual are resorting to the Internet to showcase their talent, giving rise to a whole new genre of macro and micro influencers – the Youtube influencers. Let’s take a look at few of the most influential top Indian Youtubers and their most viewed Youtube channels, with a colossal fan following and a whacking amount of talent. You may also want to check out our Influencer Marketing Guide.


After having won the Punch line competition in Bangalore, Kannan Gill became a huge YouTube sensation. He is known for his intelligent humour and his ability to add that element of satire to everyday events. Kannan started his YouTube career with Pretentious Movie Reviews where he reviews flawed movies of the yesteryears. Today he has a huge following that continues to grow.

Kanan Gill


A script writer, comedian and actor, Tannmay is very well known for producing the show All India backchod. Though the show did spiral around a lot of controversy, it was a huge hit. Tannmay’s ability to imitate personalities with a lot of wit and drama has gotten him a huge following. Tannmay’s presence on Snapchat with his timely videos on the most prominent events has made him a popular face to follow.

Tanmay Bhatt


Shirley discovered her passion for music when she entered a competition conducted by T-Series and won the event. Shirley recollects singing and sending her entry over YouTube which eventually brought her, her huge win. Shirley Setia is talked about to be the next Bollywood sensation. With a number of music covers under her belt, Shirley has found her niche.

Shirley Setia


Having grown up in rural India, Shruti has always had a flair for arts and crafts. A graduate in computer science, Shruti is a techie from Washington DC. Over the last few years she has been catering to the Indian women in particular with her tips on DIY products, make up, fitness and lifestyle.  Shruti says she accidentally stumbled upon these on her commute to work, but has now taken a serious effort to impart knowledge to people.

Shruti Anand


Though some might feel like he is a late bloomer into the digital space, Ranjit has managed to break stereotypes by becoming the go to person for the most honest and genuine feedback on smart phones, tablets and gadgets. This technology geek has his own following who are ardent fans of technology. Ranjit has cultivated this audience with his simplicity for language and depth of knowledge regarding the products he reviews. If you are looking to buy your new phone and need help, he is your go to person.

Ranjit Kumar


This youngster from Faridabad shot to fame when his rants about other YouTubers went viral. His videos are mostly made up on game plays, photos and his astonishing voice. This was earlier a channel for computer tutorials and game plays. Now, Carry Minati – the YouTube channel – has a huge base of followers interested in some slap stick humour with deliberate sarcasm.

Ajay Nagar


With a strong affinity towards biking, Nikhil started his YouTube channel with the most astonishing moments from his rides. He keeps them natural and gives his viewers a first person perspective. It is not a surprise that most teenage boys go gaga over this biker’s style and class. Through Manali and the snow-capped peaks of Ladakh, he gives his viewers a visual treat.

Mumbaikar Nikhil


A singer and composer Bhuvan started his career as a singer at a night club. He is well-known for his original composition “Teri meri kahani “. Bibi ki vines is a true depiction of the life of every urban youth. Bhuvan has a huge following of youngsters as he specialises in the most relatable areas such as parents, exams, girlfriends and Valentine’s Day, packed with humour and witty comments. Bibi ki vines has been one of the fastest growing channels in India.

Bibi Ki Vines


The perfect channel if you are looking to get into perfect shape and shed a few kilos. My Bollywood Body showcases the best advice on body weight, diet plans and tips to get the right build. This channel has grown tremendously, giving its audience the most useful information in a very creative way.

My Bollywood Body


An extremely unique idea – Rohan Trehan animates football games and showcases them in a very interesting way. From game comparisons with excellent animation to a compilation of the best goals, this is every football fanatic’s dream come true. With a constant football fever in the country, if you are looking for something beyond the 90 minutes of the game, this is the place to go.

Rohan Trehan


A motivational speaker, Sandeep Maheshwari has inspired thousands of people through his advice on life. His approach is extremely pragmatic and lifts anyone’s mood instantly. If you are looking for answers on some of life’s most difficult questions, he is the man to go to for an alternate perspective.

Sandeep Maheshwari

This is the list of the fastest growing Youtubers in India. YouTube’s massive growth in the country has aided in bringing out some of the most incredible talent. With such a huge fan base and skyrocketing Youtube views, these influencers have revolutionalized the internet space, making it very easy for people to access information and get inspired.

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