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Tanmay Bhatt


List of Top Comedy Bloggers & Influencers in India (2022)

Influencer Name Category/Industry Instagram Followers Youtube Subscribers Engagement Rate
Samay Raina Comedy 551K Followers 1M Subscribers 2.21%
Ashish Chanchalani Comedy 14.6M Followers 28.8M Subscribers 5.58%
Kusha Kapila Comedy 2.7M Followers 415K Subscribers 6.28%
Dolly Singh Comedy 1.4M Followers 676K Subscribers 3.18%
Harsh Beniwal Comedy 5.7M Followers 15.1M Subscribers 6.13%
Aishwarya Mohanraj Comedy 662K Followers 648K Subscribers 13.45%
RJ Abhinav Comedy 2.7M Followers 2.6M Subscribers 4.83%
Be You Nick Comedy 1.9M Followers 4.6M Subscribers 6.00%
Kenny Sebastian Comedy 1M Followers 2.2M Subscribers 3.43%
Tanmay Bhatt Comedy 1.8M Followers 4.2M Subscribers 8.61%