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Influencer.in is one of the leading influencer marketing platforms in India with an extensive network of more than 40,000 influencers on a single platform. We aim to connect your brand with top influencers in different categories like lifestyle, health, fashion, food, entertainment and many more. We scrutinize various metrics like quality of content, followers, engagement rates and performance analysis before curating the list of best influencer networks for you.

What we do at influencer.in

Our proprietary algorithm helps us discover and find the right influencers for your brand and its objectives. Based on various metrics including the reach of influencers, engagement, % of spam and past campaign performance amongst other parameters, Influencer.in can help in identifying the right influencers on the best platform for you.

We infuse your brand’s core message into our campaign strategy by working with influencers to create authentic, story-driven content that lives beyond the campaign. Based on your objectives, our experienced digital team can suggest the right medium and the right approach. With our in-house video production team, we can also accentuate your campaign by creating brand content.

Using our platform, we take over end to end campaign execution – right from identifying the best influencers, content creation, reporting, payments and a whole lot more in between. We take charge of your campaigns while deriving the best results from the campaign.

The new age internet user speaks in multiple regional languages, Does your brand? We specialise in reaching out to these regional influencers to get deeper reach for your brand by leveraging influencers in all 22 languages with platforms like Tik Tok, Helo, Sharechat etc.

Results are everything! Post the completion of the campaign, our team will reveal which influencers, social channels, type of content and audiences performed the best. The dashboard provided to you will show you verified metrics giving you a holistic view of your influencer campaign.

With our experienced digital media planning team, we can amplify the content created by influencers to get maximum reach for the brand and increase the brand and product consideration, resulting in higher ROI.

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Aanam C


Prajakta Koli


Aashna Shroff


Bruised Passports


Bhargav Funbucket


Awez Darbar


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