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Gamezy is the most recent application created by Gameskraft, India's quickest developing gaming company. With Cricket being India's preferred game, Gamezy contacted us, to help tap into the Millenials of the nation, by collaborating with influencers and content creators they follow to showcase their USP’s that set them apart from the rest.

Accessible in 8 languages

Players can be changed before the second innings begins

5-a-Side(a choice to play without picking 11 players a side)

  • Have influencers create auhentic and relevant concepts that showcase the app and drives user acquisition.

  • Collaborating with influencers in multiple languages to showcase the ease of use of the app across regions through communication that established Gamezy as the users most loved game online in their preferred language.

  • Creating theme-based and trend-based influencers concepts that are known to perform well on Tik Tok around events like Valentine’s day or the run up to the launch of the annual Indian Premier League.

Why did we choose TikTok for Gamezy’s goal?

Using TikTok’s basic concept of “People Trust People” (especially in the case of promoting real money apps), we chose to collaborate with Tik Tok content creators who are genuine and authentic and whose communication resonates much the same way with their audience.

Strategy and Execution

USP based concepts:

Identifying key aspects of the app that sets them apart from their competitors, we created scripts that were executed by influencers each creating a concept around that USP which resonates most with their audience.

Theme based concepts:

Tik Tok is a popular platform for trends and theme-based content. Using themes like valentines day or the hype around the beginning of of the IPL, we conceptualized narratives for influencers to execute that showcased the app in the same as format as existing trends.



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