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Welcome to, where we enable you to build newer potentials

At, we believe managing influencer talent goes beyond the traditional and mundane approach, which is why we don’t just manage them, rather we build strong relationships with not only creators but even brands.

We understand that each creator is unique, with their talents, content, and aspirations. That's why we offer a range of talent management services designed to help our creators stand out. From personal branding consultations to talent showcases, we're committed to providing a tailored experience for every creator that we work with. And not to mention, an in-house professional is dedicated to each creator to guide collaborations and help perfect their outputs.

We believe in spotting fresh talents and new creators, to cross collaborate and begin their journey to becoming the next top influencer. We pride ourselves on being the talent management company that thinks outside the box and a thought leader of all trends, tapping into new and exciting things. So, join on a journey of creativity, innovation, and success as we help you unleash your full potential.

P.S. We believe in the value our creators bring in and aim to add to it from Day 1.


Partner With Top Brands has collaborated with a wide range of high-end brands ranging from Flipkart and Zomato to ITC and BoAt. We connect our creators with highly exclusive and leading brands helping our creators to grow their brand, increase visibility, and attract new opportunities.
Our next big client can be your next collaboration.

Video Production Assistance
Good videography can reach a wider audience which is why, at we provide our creators with practical guidance when it comes to shooting your videos, ensuring the result is as satisfying as the brand deals we get you!
Psst … we also go the extra mile and assist you in-person if needed.

Social Media Strategy
We provide training and development opportunities to help our creators improve their skills, stay up-to-date with industry trends, and expand their knowledge. Since one of’s vital objectives is to ensure that our creators put their best foot forward, we assist them with social media strategies from pushing the content in the right way & reaching the target audience.
At you get maximum transparency from us making you into the best version of yourself .

End-To-End Execution
Our fundamental goal is to ensure our creators feel at ease throughout the collaboration. As an influencer management agency, we serve as a link between the brand and the creator. From getting you the right brand to collab with to negotiating contracts and deals, ensuring fair compensation and protecting interests, we make your transition into a new project seamless and effective.
We believe our creator's growth comes first and align ourselves accordingly.

Creative Strategy For Videos
Our creative strategists stand behind you at every step briefing with new innovative ideas enabling you to keep your videos ingenious and up to date. We also help you with implementing, developing, measuring and planning a well-structured project that has the potential to have a deeper and more memorable connection with the audience.
As a creator with you'll always be in the know of what's best for you.


Kanisha Malhotra

An Indian actress, influencer, producer and entrepreneur. She creates relatable content on instagram synonymous with fashion and makeup, which is highly engaging to audience.

paaresha sharma

Paare is an Actor and Aerospace Engineer who is strongly passionate about making content aligned to fashion, fitness and travel

Tehraan Bakshi

Tehraan Bakshi is a lifestyle and luxury influencer who lives life to the fullest

Rahul Raj

Rahul is a popular comedy and lifestyle influencer who is known for his hilarious videos and relatable content that appeals to a wide audience.He also uses his platform to promote positivity and self-improvement, inspiring his followers to live their best lives.

Cherith Philip

Cherith is a fashion, lifestyle content creator who loves creating beautifully curated styles.

Aarshia Siddique

Aarshia is a digital creator who makes content along the lines of Fashion, Lifestyle and Beauty

Yashwanth M.K

Yashwanth is a talented comedy influencer who has taken the social media world by storm with his unique sense of humor and witty personality. With his ability to make people laugh and his infectious energy, he has gained a massive following on various social media platforms

Shubhna Agarwal

Shubhna Agarwal is a Fashion content creator who plays with bold colours and fashion statements which is fun, engaging to her audience.

Nimisha Arora

Nimisha Arora is a Parenting influencer who has built a following on social media by sharing their experiences, advice, and tips related to parenting/Lifestyle.

Nisha Gupta

Nisha is a lifestyle and beauty influencer is a person who has gained a following on social media platforms by sharing content related to her personal style, beauty routines, and general lifestyle habits. She has built a community of followers who trust her recommendations and value the insights

Sambhav Jain

Sambhav Jain is an Indian Actor who started his journey From theatre to television to the big screen.


What is a talent management agency?

A talent management agency represents and manages the careers of artists, actors, models, and other talent in the entertainment industry. The agency typically works to secure work and negotiate contracts on behalf of their clients.

What services do talent management agency provide?

Some of the common talent management services provided by agencies to their clients include career guidance and advice, contract negotiation and management, brand building and marketing and casting assistance, and networking opportunities.

How do I choose a talent management agency?

When choosing a talent management agency, it's important to research and compare different agencies based on their reputation, industry connections, services offered, and client success stories. It's also important to ensure the company aligns with your career goals and values.


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