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  • Updated Date : February 18, 2022

Our co-founder Suneil Chawla was recently featured in Economic Times in an article titled “Influencers don’t ‘heart’ Instagram anymore”. The article focussed on how influencers have outgrown Instagram and started moving towards YouTube in search of better visibility in terms of search results. There is a strained relationship between Instagram and influencers due to their initiative to crack down fake followers.

YouTube has more authentic followers

Influencers are powerful people on social media with a huge fan base, with interests ranging from fashion and health to travel and technology. They are also a part of the general public but what makes them unique is that they play a huge role in affecting the purchase decisions of their followers.  Several brands have observed that the purchase decisions of consumers are directly linked to the authenticity of the content posted by influencers. Keeping this in mind, most influencers also feel that switching to YouTube will make them get more authentic followers than on Instagram.

YouTube is considered to be one of the toughest platforms. When you analyse the user patterns, it is observed that audience like to spend more time viewing videos on YouTube than liking posts on Instagram.

Cut down on third-party apps by Instagram

In order to ensure more transparency in the platform, Instagram has strengthened its initiatives to bring down the fake followers of influencers. Algorithms were changed in order to cut down third-party apps that helped influencers in increasing their fan base. The audience has started questioning the credibility of the platform and its influencers as a result of these fake engagement stories.

Suneil Chawla shared his thoughts on the same: “Platforms have been reducing the organic reach of brands, influencers. The reach has dipped to 10% – for the rest, you have pay to promote your post. Instagram is still No 1 as it’s easier to create images and stories vs videos, but YouTube is quickly catching up as the next platform for influencers and for some, it’s already the main platform.”

You can check out the entire article here.

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