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Who is a Kidfluencer? Kidfluencers, also known as kid influencers, are similar to influencers – they make their living online

7 Influencer Marketing Trends That Will Work Wonders In 2017

7 Influencer Marketing Trends That Will Work Wonders In 2017

Influencer marketing has come a long way since the conception of Social Media and the implementation of marketing techniques within

  January 30, 2017

Top Digital Influencers in Bangalore

Influencer marketing has become a worldwide trend in the recent few years. Be it through blogging or social media, marketing

  November 1, 2016

Case Study: Influencer Marketing for Axis Bank

Axis Bank is the third largest private sector bank in India. The bank is known to offer an entire spectrum

  October 20, 2016

How to increase YouTube views?

Videos have established itself as the most popular source of online media. Since the introduction of YouTube in 2006, many

  October 11, 2016

How to Increase Your Instagram Followers Using Influencers

  Social Media today has become more than just a nifty platform to connect with peers across the globe; it’s

  October 1, 2016

Influencer Marketing for B2B Firms

Influencer marketing is an emerging trend that many brands prefer over conventional marketing methods. Influencer marketing is quite different from

  September 23, 2016

Case Study: Influencer Marketing for Fashion E-Commerce, Craftsvilla

Craftsvilla is one of the leading Indian marketplaces that sell unique Indian products online. Known for selling handmade, vintage, ethnic,

  September 10, 2016

Best Practices to be a successful Instagram Influencer in India

Nowadays, social media plays a vital role in bloggers’ and influencers’ careers. Previously, most brands approached bloggers and influencers based

  August 23, 2016

Why should you amplify the reach of your blog via social media?

Even before the term “blog” was coined in the late 1990s, the act of blogging was quite prevalent. Back in

  August 10, 2016

Tips to Increase Facebook Organic Reach

Over the years, Facebook has become a significant medium for brands to promote their products and services as a part

  July 28, 2016
Top Technology Bloggers In India

Top Technology Influencers In India

Are you passionate about latest technology? Are you a tech freak? Is your browser history filled with technology-based websites? Then,

  July 22, 2016

11 SEO tips that are critical for every digital influencer

Change is inevitable in almost every field, and SEO is no exception to this. Despite the fact that the way

  July 13, 2016

Case Study – Cambridge English

Cambridge English Language Assessment centers are a part of the prestigious University of Cambridge and have been providing English Language

  July 10, 2016

De-mystifying Frequently asked Questions about Influencer Marketing

Given that influencer marketing is now the hottest new trend in the marketing space currently, all top brands are using

  July 5, 2016

Top issues faced by Influencers and how to solve them

Given that influencer marketing is the current buzzword in India, many brands are using this method of marketing to reach

  June 29, 2016

Case Study – Sony Music India

Sony Music Entertainment is a global music company with a current roster that includes a broad array of both local

  June 27, 2016

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