Top TikTok influencers in India

Founded in 2016, TikTok is a highly engaging video platform with over 500 million active users spread across 150 countries across the world. The most striking aspect of this platform is that it allows the user to upload 15 seconds long videos with innovative dance moves, lip-syncing to several popular music.

In India, this trend was first picked up by some of the popular celebrities like Tiger Shroff, Disha Patani, Jacqueline Fernandez and Shahid Kapoor.Since then many youngsters have joined the club. Today, there are about 15 million registered users in India. Here are the top TikTok influencers in India who are entertaining their audience with a great sense of humour and amazing acting skills:

Aashika Bhatia

Based out of Mumbai, Aashika Bhatia is a leading actor and social media influencer. She started her career as a child artist in the Indian Television industry. Aashika is one of the top TikTok influencers in India with 6.9 million followers. She attracts her audience with vibrant musical videos featuring her friends and family.

Heer Naik

Heer Naik is yet another popular TikTok influencer with 3.2 million subscribers. She is also a representative for TikTok India.  Heer is greatly known for her transition skills, and this made her win the TikTok transition badge. Apart from TikTok, she also owns a YouTube channel with 20,000 subscribers.

Avneet Kaur

Avneet Kaur is a leading actress in the Indian Television industry. She rose to fame with the reality show Dance India Dance Little Masters. Avneet also owns a successful TikTok channel with 8.2 million subscribers. She is also playing a leading role in one of the famous daily soap Aladdin-Naam Toh Suna Hoga.

Manjul Khattar

Manjul khattar is a leading TikTok star with 8.5 million followers. What made him so popular is his quirky lip-syncs and comic video clips. He is also a professional singer and guitarist.  Furthermore, Manjul owns a dedicated YouTube channel where he posts some of his quirky comic skits. Due to huge popularity on TikTok, he has earned several titles such as Ace Comedian and Style Guru.

Disha Madan

Disha Madan yet another popular TikTok star is known for her amazing dancing skills and cute dumbsmash videos. Her lip-syncing videos to the sounds of Charlie XCX and Martin Tungevaag has earned her 3M followers.  Apart from being a social media celebrity, she is also an entrepreneur with a dance studio known as Dance Corp.

Ahsaan Channa

Ahsaan Channa started her career as a child actor in Bollywood films. She has acted in several popular movies such as Kabhi Alvida Naa Kehna and My Friend Ganesha. According to Ahsaan, TikTok is one of her happiest places among all the other social media platforms. Her humorous lip-sync videos have helped establish herself as a successful TikTok star with 3.4 million followers.

Nagma Mirajkar

Before becoming a social media personality, Nagma Mirajkar was working as a business developer for a leading hospital in Mumbai. Her stylish dancing videos have earned her the title of TikTok style guru along with 5.8 million fans.  Prior to being an established influencer, Nagma handled her style blog called Oh My Gorg!

Awez Darbar

Awez Darbar is one of the talented choreographers in India.  His great sense of humour and amazing acting skills have helped gain huge popularity on YouTube and TikTok.  Awez has been successful in winning the crowned muser recognition with over 6.1 followers. He also collaborates with other TikTok stars to bring out quirky and funny videos for his YouTube channel.

Manav Chhabra

Manav Chhabra is also yet another Indian TikTok representative with over 3 million subscribers. From comedy to transition and amusing music videos, Manav’s TikTok channel is a complete entertainment package.  He started his TikTok journey in the year 2016, and his first video was inspired by the famous song ‘Me Myself and I’ by G- Eazy. Manav was crowned as an official muser in October 2017.

Faisal Khan

Faisal Khan is a leading fashion blogger and a model known as Mr Faisu on TikTok. What made him so popular is his fluffy and breezy hair style. He is also well known for his comedy mimics with over 8.3 million followers.

TikTok is a great platform for brands looking for localised content strategies for their influencer marketing campaigns. Most of the leading TikTok influencers are well-versed in local languages and so collaborating with them would be a great option for brands to customise content for regional audiences.

Get in touch with if you are looking to collaborate with leading influencers in India and execute a successful influencer marketing campaign. You can also check out our other blogs on top YouTube influencers and Instagram fitness influencers in India.

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