Case Study: Influencer Marketing for Fashion E-Commerce, Craftsvilla

  • Author: Srilakshmi Indranesan
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  • Updated Date : February 21, 2022

Craftsvilla is one of the leading Indian marketplaces that sell unique Indian products online. Known for selling handmade, vintage, ethnic, organic, and natural products from India, Craftsvilla connects local artisans and designers directly to global consumers.

With an aim to remove mediators between local artisans and their customers, Craftsvilla not only helps artisans to sell their products to a wider audience, but it also helps customers to discover and buy products that they would not otherwise find easily.

Funded by US-based Investors, Nexus Venture Partners and Lightspeed Venture Partners, Craftsvilla was hailed as the “Hottest Young Company in Handicrafts in India” by the media. teamed up with Craftsvilla for influencer marketing to create brand awareness via blogs and social media channels. We tied up with 22 fashion, beauty, and lifestyle influencers to talk about Craftsvilla’s latest collections. Gia Kashyap, Anshita Juneja, Debashree Banerjee, etc. were some of the well-known influencers who took part in this campaign.

The influencers blogged about the various collections available in Craftsvilla ranging from ethnic to casuals. Aakriti Rana from La Chica Loca shared her views on the Lehanga collections with some fun, quirky images like the one below.


Devina Malhotra from Guilty Bytes, on the other hand, created perfect lookbooks on how to style Indian casuals.


Each blog post by the influencers got about 1000+ views on an average. In fact, the post written by influencer Anjana Vidyadharan on the Fashion Lady Blog got 3200+ views. Also, the social media shares by the influencers, especially the Instagram fashion influencers, were successful too.

For instance, Kritika Khurana’s Craftsvilla post on her Instagram account thatbohogirl got almost 12000 likes. She sported a chunky, handmade neckpiece that was too adorable and lovely. Her blog post was about the various Anarkali suits and how to style them for different occasions.


We also worked with Craftsvilla for a Twitter Campaign to promote their sale that happened on 22nd and 23rd July. Our top 10 Twitter influencers did multiple tweets for the same with the hash tags #CraftsVilla and #LatestSeLatest.

The top Twitter influencers on an average made 42000 impressions. Some of the influencers even created 130000+ impressions.


Influencer marketing is quite different from traditional marketing, and for online marketplaces like Craftsvilla, influencer marketing helps in creating brand awareness, promoting the brand image, and boosting sales.

A lot of brands have realized the power of influencer marketing and prefer using it to promote their brand. is here to assist you in finding the right influencer for your brand and help engage you with potential clients!

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