9 Tips To Reach 1000 Followers On Twitter

  • Author: Lalitha Shukla
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  • Updated Date : February 21, 2022

Twitter is a unique social media platform where there is highest level of transparency. It would be fair to say that Twitter can be put head and shoulders above the rest of the social media channels in terms of time efficiency, engagement, reach and lucidity. No other channel can single-handedly vouch for 100% transparency and then there is Twitter, where a level playing field is established and everyone’s opinion matters! It is more like a bar scene where you can walk up to anyone and converse freely with people from all walks of life which makes Twitter the most ideal platform for social media marketers . Having said that, it is not just enough to create a Twitter profile, you’ll have to nourish it, give it your time and attention in order to gain some visibility in Twittersphere. So, how do you exactly do that? Here are 9 tips to reach 1000 followers on Twitter –

1. A crisp Twitter Bio is a must –

First things first, make sure that you fill out your bio completely which consists of your profile picture, cover picture, a crisp and no-nonsense description of what you do or what your brand is all about maybe with a couple of hashtags.  An empty twitter profile is not worth visiting so ensure that you have all the necessary information in place about yourself/your brand.


2. Follow people with a good follow back ratio –

Keep a strategy in place and follow relevant people who will follow you back. This is an essential exercise especially if you are just starting out on Twitter. Follow people you think can contribute to your newsfeed with information and news relevant to you. There are amazing tools like Crowdfire which help you determine the follow back ratios and automatically unfollows users who have been inactive on Twitter for a long time.

3. Leveraging the engagement goldmine, Step 1–

Twitter is an engagement goldmine! What makes it one is its audience miscellany. Unlike any other social media channel, Twitter not only magnetizes unique users but also points you in the direction of your preferred audience. In order to build a follower base, you need to be engaging and relevant. The best part is that Twitter has a lot of elements and features that fuel engagement on so many levels like hashtags, videos, photos, links etc. These elements can help you expand the reach of your content; for instance when you add hashtags to your tweets, the visibility of your tweet increases and it appears in the hashtag search results. Be wise and build content that your audience or potential audience would love to cater to. This is extremely important especially if you are a brand that is trying to build a true and loyal fan base on Twitter.


4. Leveraging the engagement goldmine, Step 2–

Building relevant content was step one, step two is a little more time-consuming, nonetheless rewarding. Engage with your followers as much as possible. People on Twitter love having conversations and key to gaining followers is to engage in these conversations. In order for you to track conversations related to your brand or industry, you need to monitor relevant keywords. By doing so, you can join conversations when they arise. This is the most ideal way you can develop a good relationship with your consumers and gain new ones. Here’s how you leverage twitter to drive conversations and build a strong brand.

5. There’s no harm in tweeting frequently –

Unlike other platforms, Twitter’s news feed is highly dynamic and based on real-time. There’s no harm in tweeting throughout the day, infact tweeting atleast 5-6 times a day helps you gain followers at a much faster pace. People don’t stay on Twitter throughout the day and if you have something to contribute at different times throughout the day, you are catering to almost all your followers and potential ones as well.


6. Quality before Quantity, but wait..Don’t forget the hashtags!

There’s no harm in tweeting frequently, we know we already said that, but you know what else matters? What you tweet! It is very important that you tweet relevant and good content. People who follow you have a reason to follow you and the ones who don’t yet, well, give them a damn good reason to follow you! But how do you ensure that your tweets reach more people? It’s simple, don’t miss out on hashtags. As long as you have those babies, you can be assured that your tweet will show up in search results and people will notice you and eventually follow you!


7. Explore the art of re-tweeting –

Re-tweeting is not random! You can’t just go about re-tweeting whatever appears on your news feed. You have to inspect and think; if what you’re about to re-tweet is relevant to your followers and it also helps them understand what you and your brand stand for. Also when you start re-tweeting, you come across as genuine and not self-obsessed. Sharing news and information by re-tweeting about it is not a bad idea at all, infact it means that when people begin to follow you it is because they are interested in the same things that you are.

8. Use Lists –

Using lists can help you in getting desired audience to follow you on Twitter. There are tools online like IFTTT that can help you track and create automatic lists that help in gaining new followers.


9. Have you tried Twitter Ads?

For those who have done advertising on Facebook will find Twitter a piece of cake. Creating ads on Twitter is anything but complicated and easiest way to gain followers quickly. Here are a few reasons why you should advertising on Twitter –

  1. No text limit on image ads
  2. One-click seamless lead generation
  3. Easy ad interface
  4. You can target users based on accounts they follow
  5. You can target users based on keywords which is more or less like Google
  6. You can target users based on interests as well

Here’s a complete guide to Twitter Ads.

In closing, all we have to say is that Twitter’s unique features and conversational tone can help your brand gain momentum and win followers. Leverage the perks and build a community you always wanted!

If you’d like to know how to market your business on Twitter, you can refer to this Twitter Marketing Guide.

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