Why should you amplify the reach of your blog via social media?

Even before the term “blog” was coined in the late 1990s, the act of blogging was quite prevalent. Back in the late 80s, late 90s, and early 21st century, blogs were available on the web as a standalone unit. Yes, blogs, in those days, were occasionally read, probably commented on, and sometimes bookmarked. Earlier blogs were used to share a personal opinion, but these days even businesses use blogging as a marketing strategy.

Back then, the only effective way to draw readers to a blog was to make it appear in the top 3 pages of the popular search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing, etc.

Similar to today, even in those days, if your blog or website doesn’t appear on the top page of the search engine results, the chance of visibility is zero. But, getting on top of Google search results is not always easy. So is there another way to getting visibility?

How social media changed this scenario?

Once social media came into the picture, discovery of content was no longer only via search engines. In a sense, social media transformed the Internet, to say the least. More and more people are sharing branded and neutral content on social media. So content amplification via social media has become a critical strategy for every blog.

Now, if you want to make the best out of blogging, you need to write captivating and engaging blog content and amplify their reach via social media channels. Still not convinced? We have compiled five reasons that state why sharing blog content on social media is beneficial.

1. You get non-paid traffic

One of the biggest advantages of sharing your content on your social media platforms is that it increases your organic and non-paid traffic. You can sign up and share your content on the various social media sites without spending any money.

To drive free traffic to your website, all you need to do is to write engaging content and share them on the popular social media networks like Facebook and Twitter. Furthermore, to make the best out of the social media networks, you need to be proactive. You must be responsive to comments and queries that you get on these social media sites.

You can also use tools like Buffer & Hootsuite to schedule the blogs posts on social media, in case you are unable to be active on it all the time.

2. You can increase your follower count

Previously, when there were no social media sites, getting new followers every day was a miracle. However, if you use social media effectively, you can build a lot of reliable followers. Increasing your follower count, with the help of social media, is quite straightforward. Each and every time you write a new blog post, share it on social media networks.

Once you share your content, encourage people to comment, and reply politely to their comments. Furthermore, you should also persuade your readers to repost, share, and retweet your blog posts.

For Twitter, you can even use tools like IFTTT to help increase the reach of your blogs and increase the number of followers you have.

3. Google rankings of your blog or website will eventually increase

According to ongoing studies by Moz, the number of social shares a blog post or a web page gets is believed to have a small factor to play in the Google rankings. In other words, web pages that are popularly shared on social media, like Facebook, Twitter, and Google+, will also have an improved Google visibility over a period.

Although Google may or may not directly use the social share counts of web pages in its algorithm, the secondary SEO benefits that are gained via efficient social sharing are quite high. You can also read our blog on why social media matters for search engine optimization if you would like to understand this better.

4. Your content gets indexed fast

We all know that search engine bots do web crawling regularly. They crawl to index web pages and rank websites. According to the popularity of your site and the relevance of your content, your sites will be listed.

If you share your freshly written blog content on various social media networks, there is more probability for that particular blog post to get crawled and indexed faster than a blog post which was not shared on any social media sites.

5. Your relationship with your followers will be amiable

If you are a blogger, you will know the importance of followers. Be it a corporate or a personal blog, having followers is crucial. Social media gives you the power to develop long-term relationships with your social media followers as well as your blog followers/subscribers.

Furthermore, social media sites give you an opportunity to connect well with fellow bloggers and influencers on a personal level.

Apart from these, social media helps bloggers in dealing with issues like writers’ blocks. There are many bloggers’ communities in the social media that allow bloggers to interact, motivate, and review each other’s works.

Convinced enough to be more active on social media? So, don’t give any more excuses for not sharing your blog posts on social media sites! Start using social media efficiently now!

Why should you amplify the reach of your blog via social media?
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Why should you amplify the reach of your blog via social media?
Are you sharing your blog content on Social Media actively? Read the top reasons on how social sharing improves your blog's reach.
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