Client Case Study: PayTM Travel

PayTM is an online payment gateway and digital wallet system, one of the biggest and most popular in India. PayTM offers mobile payment solutions to over 7 million merchants. Customers can make credit and debit card payments, bank transfers, etc all via mobile devices.

PayTM’s latest offering now allows customers to book and pay for railways tickets via their website and app. All you need is your IRCTC account credentials and you can make train bookings under a minute using PayTM.


PayTM approached us to engage with social media influencers and create awareness about this new feature. Although a popular payment solutions provider, in the highly competitive space of travel booking, PayTm needed a strong branding strategy to stay ahead.

PayTM Travel Campaign

To help PayTM achieve their goals, we at collaborated with close to 50 travel and lifestyle influencers, who created engaging content across channels. A total of 150 posts were generated using Facebook, Instagram and personal blogs.

Summary of reach and engagement

Each influencer used a combination of channels to promote the PayTM app and its new ticket-booking feature. These posts were a combination of direct promotions and generic content on the blog on the benefits of booking tickets online.

On Facebook, for example, one of our influencers Ritwika Gupta’s (a.k.a SpotlightXOXO)  post introduced the PayTM app and how convenient the new feature made booking train tickets. Her post performed exceedingly well reaching almost 23,000 users with an engagement of 6325.

Ritwika facebook

Her Instagram post, too, achieved a massive reach of 107302 users with an engagement of 1015.

Ritwika Instagram

Another one of our influencers, Sayanti, posted a link to her blog on Facebook. Her post, too, received an extensive reach of 182,656 users with an engagement of 6325.


Thanks to engaging content contributed by our influencers, the PayTM travel campaign achieved an overall reach of 913k:

  • Facebook Reach – 485k
  • Facebook Engagement – 42k
  • Instagram Reach – 378k
  • Instagram Engagement – 41k
  • Blog Reach – 50k


Our campaign generated a total reach of 943k and a total engagement of 83k. In addition, there were 45 “Do Follow” backlink created that added to the reach and engagement as well.

Among the various blog posts that went up, Clementia (a.k.a weirdandnormal) achieved over 3000 views.

Clemntia paytm

On Instagram, our influencer Namrata (my_closetdiary) had two posts. One received a total engagement of 7230 including likes, comments and promotion clicks. The second engaged 2498 users.

Namrata instagram

Like PayTM, many other brands have realized the importance of influencer marketing. If you’d like to add the powerful tool to your marketing mix, head over to to find the right set of influencers to engage with your audience.

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