9 Online PR Tools & Websites in India

Top 9 Online PR tools in India

  Abhishek Kumar
  February 1, 2016


Reply May 27, 2016

Very useful list. What kind of metrics can we expect in Influencer marketing?

    Nandita Raman
    Reply June 14, 2016

    We do have a blog on that so please do check it out at https://www.influencer.in/blog/what-should-a-brand-expect-from-influencer-marketing/

Sendhil Kumar Krishnamurthy
Reply August 31, 2018

Nice to know about PR & related tools. Great post & informative

Rajan Gagneja
Reply January 7, 2019

Hi, My name is Rajan. Thanks for Sharing your information. Seriously, these websites are really good. Earlier, i was using Newsvoir and traffic was good. Now I shall try out some of these tools recommended by you.

Reply May 23, 2019

thanks for sharing such useful information

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