Top Influencer Marketing Trends in 2022 for content creators

  • Author: Nimisha Rao
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  • Updated Date : May 15, 2023

The trends for influencer marketing continue to grow at such a rapid pace, we now have a whole new set of challenges and opportunities to take on. This has been a challenging year but also created a lot of new opportunities within the social media and influencer marketing industry. We have even listed out the top influencer marketing trends 2022 that all content creators may explore:

  • Targeting a strong audience base: Audiences have shown that they will follow the creator from one platform to another which creates a great engagement. This means following the latest social media trends in 2022 and driving the audience to check your content out. We saw a greater focus from the networks on providing influencer marketing tools to their creators to better help them monetize and manage their personal businesses. Therefore, keep scrolling and browsing through the latest social media trends in 2022 mostly at Instagram, YouTube, and Snapchat. In this way, common influencer marketing errors such as ignoring micro and nano influencers, short-term goals & single-platform strategy can be avoided while targeting your audience. 
  • Rise in the awareness and demand of content creators- More people are beginning to understand what many creators actually are: entrepreneurs. Until a few years ago people did not know that this could actually be a profession. Capitalize on this influencer marketing trend in 2022 as we are likely to see a surge of investment into business tools for creators. For all these activities, a brand may be looking for an influencer to drive brand awareness and push the audience down the marketing funnel. E-Commerce is now a critical battleground where video marketing strategies are helpful. With this rise, anyone can become an influencer and creator. 
  • Live shopping online will become a staple for influencer campaigns. Amazon and Pinterest offer similar features that allow brands to partner with influencers who are great at creating engaging the target audience through live streams. Live shopping online and live streaming is an important video marketing strategy that the creators can leverage for a wider reach, engagement, and sessions. 
  • Video marketing via reels- Instagram, apart from a photo-sharing platform, also showcases itself as a video-sharing platform with videos getting more engagement than other forms of content. In 2022, brands can benefit by investing more in video marketing strategies mostly towards the Reels section as there is going to be a huge rise in the number of videos appearing on Instagram. Apart from being a leading video strategy, it is also a top influencer marketing trend in 2022 that all creators may capitalize on. Apart from reels, you can also check out the leading YouTube video strategies that can help accelerate your engagement and improve content quality. 
  • Rise in video-based tools- The creator economy is booming as there are new platforms and influencer marketing tools coming up to support content creators and provide them a source of livelihood. There will be more Short video applications in 2022 as there is a larger audience attracted towards short-form content than the longer and traditional forms. Platforms like Moj, ShareChat, Taka Tak, and Josh are heavily rising and getting mainstream attention. In fact, they have fit in seamlessly and proved themselves to be great alternatives for TikTok. This will give brands not only a platform but also an opportunity to advertise and promote their products. This is another Influencer marketing trend in 2022 that is getting competitive and challenging. 
  • Storytelling and utilizing influencer marketing tools- In 2022, influencer marketing will return to the fundamentals of storytelling with true creative content, that is based on integrity, originality, and authenticity.  Using the best Influencer marketing tools will improve and help creators check the success -rate. It guarantees long-term collaborations. This will be done between the influencers and brands who truly share common visions and values. Brands will however communicate as much as possible on their values rather than on their products through Influencers.


In all sectors, the audience requires transparency and accountability before buying a product/service online or even offline. Familiarizing yourself with these influencer marketing trends 2022 and creating content accordingly can help you climb the ladder of success and stay a step ahead of your competition.. The audience is also more likely to follow top creators and influencers as they genuinely trust them and look up to them. With the drop in demand for TV Ads/Commercials, Influencer marketing is the best way of selling as well as displaying the vibrant efforts of authentic brands. Hence, Influencer marketing is the future! To know more about the latest influencer marketing trends or other related trends, topics and updates, stay connected with!

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