Top Digital Influencers in Bangalore

Influencer marketing has become a worldwide trend in the recent few years. Be it through blogging or social media, marketing with the help of digital influencers has been successful across various businesses. Recently, the launch of Axis Bank’s new initiative Thought Factory was trending on Twitter – all thanks to digital influencers.

While some influencers are involved in this field full-time, rest of them have other day jobs. No matter whether they are full-time or part-time digital influencers, being an influencer is more than just a hobby – it is, in fact, a passion that they pursue seriously. We have curated a list of 10 such digital influencers who are based out in Bangalore. You can follow these influencers on the various social media platforms to get to know more about the latest trends in the relevant fields.

Amit – DazeInfo


Amit Misra founded DazeInfo in mid-2011. Along with ten other analysts, Amit Misra and his team provide global, regional, and local expertise on technology and industry trends through their blog, DazeInfo. Technology and business influencer, Amit helps IT professionals, business executives, and the investment communities make fact-based decisions on innovative yet effective technology adoptions and business strategies.

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Niche: Technology

Facebook: Amit Misra

Twitter: @amit6060


Sandy and Vyjay – Voyager


Sandy and Vyjay – the dynamic duo – is a travel blogger couple. Voyager was born out of a burning desire to share their travel experiences and stories with everyone. Although travel remains to be their primary niche, they write blogs and share social media posts about Lifestyle, Art, Fashion, Fiction, Finance, Health & Fitness, Movies, and Technology & Apps.

Niche: Travel

Facebook: Voyager

Twitter: @IMVoyager


Neha Bhatt Bhagat – The Instyle Journal


With a motto to “have the courage to follow her heart and intuition,” Neha started The Instyle Journal (TIJ). While she was born and brought up in Delhi, she moved to Bangalore post her wedding, and since then she has been blogging about things that she loves – fashion, lifestyle, and beauty.

Niche: Fashion

Facebook: The Instyle Journal

Twitter: @nehabhattbhagat


Sankara – Be on the Road


From Nepal to Norway, Sankara’s travel tales will inspire you to travel more. No matter whether you are looking to team up with a travel influencer for your business or seeking some travel tips, look no further than Sankara as his blog shares some of the most engaging content on travel and tourism.

Niche: Travel

Facebook: Be On The Road

Twitter: @sankaracs


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Meghavarshini – Stilettos Diary


An Indian Fashion and Street Style Blog – Stilettos Diary was founded by Meghavarshini, a Bangalore-based 29-year-old fashion addict. Her passion for shopping, fashion, and creativity led her to create a quirky blog that caters to the fashion needs of every girl. Apart from blogging, she also offers content management, social media management, etc.

Niche: Fashion

Facebook: Stilettos Diary

Twitter: @Megha_Varshini


Lakshmi Rajan – Tech Raman


The man behind GingerChai Networks from Bangalore, Lakshmi Rajan who started his career as a designer is now a professional blogger and digital technology influencer. His blogs and posts have an unconventional and a non-geeky approach that contributes to his popularity in the social media world. A tech lover – Lakshmi Rajan also has a regional YouTube technology channel called TechTamizha.

Niche: Technology

Facebook: Tech Raman

Twitter: @techraman


Ashwini KN – That Elegant Chic


An all-rounder – yes, that’s what Ashwini is. A beauty blogger, software engineer, dancer, fitness enthusiast, badminton player, TV series lover, and shopaholic – that’s Ashwini! From creating her own beauty and fashion trends to sharing recent fashion trends, she is indeed a true fashion and beauty influencer that you must follow.

Niche: Beauty and Fashion

Facebook: That Elegant Chic

Twitter: @ashwinikn


Alicia Souza


Alicia Souza has been an enthusiastic artist since a kid. However, unlike many of us who stopped drawing after a while, Alicia never gave up drawing. Right now, she is a creative illustrator. How cool is that? She is a digital influencer unlike any other we know. She creates and designs uber cool illustrations for both personal as well as corporate use. From footwear to mugs, you name them – she designs them.

alicia-souza_imageNiche: Illustration

Facebook: Alicia Souza

Twitter: @the_aliciasouza

Instagram: @aliciasouza


Garg Ankit


An out and out social media influencer, Ankit also frequently writes on his blog. However, he more often posts quirky social media posts that are popular among his followers. An engineer by profession and blogger by passion, Ankit writes on Fashion, Travel, Lifestyle, Automobiles, Books, etc.

Niche: Social Media/Lifestyle

Facebook: Gracious Garg

Twitter: @graciousgarg


Lakshmi Sharath


One of the most famous and most-loved travel bloggers in India, Lakshmi Sharath, is based out of Bangalore. From the monasteries of Ladakh to the beaches of Sindudurg, she has travelled across the world and documented her experiences. She has collaborated extensively with many travel projects and businesses in the past as a travel influencer.

Niche: Travel

Facebook: Travel with Lakshmi

Twitter: @lakshmisharath


We hope you love our list of top digital influencers in Bangalore. Let us know about the other digital influencers that you follow in the comments section below.

Top Digital Influencers in Bangalore
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Top Digital Influencers in Bangalore
Be it through blogging or social media, marketing with the help of digital influencers is beneficial. This blog lists the top digital influencers in Bangalore.
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