List of 10 digital influencers in Bangalore

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  • Updated Date : May 4, 2022

Influencer marketing has become a worldwide trend in the recent few years. Be it through blogging or social media, marketing with the help of digital influencers has been successful across various businesses. For example, recently, the launch of Axis Bank’s new initiative Thought Factory was trending on Twitter – all thanks to just digital influencers.

While some influencers are involved in this field full-time, many others have other day jobs. No matter whether they are full-time or part-time digital influencers, being an influencer is more than just a hobby – it is, in fact, a passion that they pursue seriously. With their growth in India, almost every city has a list of digital influencers of their own, including many Influencers in Bangalore. You can also read Instagram collaborations: Everything You Need to Know

We have curated a list of 10 such digital influencers who are based out in Bangalore. You can follow these Bangalore influencers on various social media platforms to get to know more about the latest trends in the relevant fields.

Here is the List of theTop Bangalore Influencers

1. Sandy and Vyjay



Sandy and Vyjay are popular digital influencers, known as the dynamic duo – a travel and a digital blogger couple. Voyager was born out of a burning desire to share their travel experiences and stories with everyone. Although travel remains to be their primary niche, these Bangalore influencers write blogs and share social media posts about Lifestyle, Art, Fashion, Fiction, Finance, Health & Fitness, Movies, and Technology & Apps. 

Niche: Travel

Blog: Voyager

Instagram: @imvoyager18

YouTube: Travel With Sandy & Vyjay

Facebook: Voyager

Twitter: @IMVoyager

2. Neha Bhatt Bhagat 

Bangalore influencer Neha Bhatt Bhagat


Image Source: Neha Bhatt Bhagat

With a motto to “have the courage to follow her heart and intuition,” Neha is a digital blogger in Bangalore. While she was born and brought up in Delhi, she moved to Bangalore post her wedding, and since then she has been blogging about things that she loves – fashion, lifestyle, and beauty. She is a popular Bangalore influencer with over 100K followers on Instagram that entails content on different genres. 

Niche: Fashion, Lifestyle & Travel

Blog: Neha Bhatt Bhagat

Instagram: @nehabhattbhagat

Facebook: The Instyle Journal

Twitter: @nehabhattbhagat



3. Ashwini KN

Bangalore blogger Ashwini K

Image Source: That Elegant Chic


A digital influencer who is an all-rounder – yes, that’s what Ashwini is. A beauty blogger, software engineer, dancer, fitness enthusiast, badminton player, TV series lover, and shopaholic – that’s Ashwini! From creating her own beauty and fashion trends to sharing recent fashion trends, she is indeed a true fashion and beauty Bangalore blogger that you must follow.

Niche: Beauty and Fashion

Blog: That Elegant Chic

Instagram: @thatelegantchic

Facebook: That Elegant Chic

Twitter: @ashwinikn


4. Alicia Souza


Alicia Souza has been an enthusiastic artist since a kid. However, unlike many of us who stopped drawing after a while, Alicia never gave up drawing. Right now, she is a creative illustrator and a digital blogger with some of the highest Instagram followers in Karnataka with over 400K. How cool is that? She is a digital influencer unlike any other we know. She creates and designs uber-cool illustrations for both personal as well as corporate use. From footwear to mugs, to yearly planners and more, you name them, this Bangalore blogger designs them all.

Niche: Illustration

Blog: Blog Alicia Souza


Instagram: @aliciasouza

Facebook: Alicia Souza

Twitter: @the_aliciasouza

5. Rohini James

Food blogger in Bangalore - Rohini James

Image source:RJ Heart & Soul

Rohini James is a Food blogger in Bangalore who started her journey with food writing and then branched out towards health, fitness, travel, and lifestyle niches. Her content revolves around restaurants and lounges to dine at,  tips and routines to follow for healthy lifestyles, workout advice, and more. She is undoubted one of the top Influencers in Bangalore 

Niche: Food & Health

Blog: RJ Heart & Soul

Instagram: @Rjheartnsoul

YouTube: RJ Heart & Soul

Facebook: RJ Heart & Soul

Twitter: @rohini_james

6. Naved Qureshi

Digital blogger of Bangalore - Navesh Quershi

Image Source: Bangalore Beard

Being a father has not stopped this Bangalore influencer to pursue his passion. The three Fs of family, fitness, and fashion, form the foundation of his life as well as his content. This Bangalore blogger discusses his exercise routines online along with current day scenarios like street harassment, fair trade, and others.

Niche: Fitness and Fashion

Blog: Bangalore Beard

Instagram: @navedqureshi

YouTube: Naved Qureshi

Facebook: Naved Qureshi

Twitter: @navedqureshi

7. Simrun Chopra

Highest Instagram followers in Karnataka-Simrun Chopa

Image Source: Noursih with Sim

With some of the Highest Instagram followers in Karnataka with over 600K, Simrun Chopa is a popular Influencer in Bangalore. She is a digital influencer unlike any other as she is a mother, a certified nutritionist as well as a Food blogger in Bangalore. She, in fact, suffered a health scare three months post-childbirth which led to her creating content in health programs and nutrition. She also runs successfully runs her health-based Bangalore YouTube channel with over 25K subscribers 

Niche: Food fitness and Nutrition

Blog: Nourish with Sim

Instagram: @simrun.chopra

YouTube: Simun Chopra

Facebook: Simun Chopra

Twitter: @SimrunChopra

8. Navya Ramesh

Digital influencer in Bangalore with  Highest Instagram followers in Karnataka

Image source: Instagram

One of the top digital influencers in Bangalore with some of the Highest Instagram followers in Karnataka (over 200K-strong), Navya is a fashion influencer and model who blogs about it. She is also the founder of Cyborg Indians which is an NFT project which aims at inclusion, representation, and reciprocation. This Bangalore blogger has extensive experience in fashion and has worked as a brand marketer for several lifestyles, tech, and fashion brands. 

Niche: Fashion

Website: Cyborg Indians

Instagram: @navyaramesh

9. Saloni Srivastava

Top Bangalore YouTube channel and business influencer of Bangalore

Image source: Hustle Post Academy

Known as the popular business coach in Bangalore, this digital influencer recently came into the limelight for the HustlePost Academy, a one-stop destination for people to learn all about side hustles away from their mundane 9-5 jobs. Apart from this academy, Saloni also successfully runs her lifestyle-based Bangalore YouTube channel with over 400K subscribers as well as an e-commerce firm.

Niche: Business & Education

Blog: Hustle Post Academy

Instagram: @salonisrivastavaofficial

YouTube: Saloni Srivastava

Facebook: Saloni Srivastava

10. Harleen Singh

Travel and Food blogger in Bangalore of 2022

Image source: Instagram

Harleen Singh is an Instagram Bangalore influencer who started solo traveling when she was just 17 years old. She has already visited more than 13 countries and provides aesthetically pleasing travel content. She is all about good travel experiences as opposed to luxury or expensive travel. She is extremely engaging with her followers and is always answering travel queries with good tips and advice.

Niche: Food & Travel

Instagram: @wander_leen

Whether it is fashion, food, travel, or business, Bangalore’s digital bloggers are leading the way with their stories,  experiences, and content. We hope you are inspired and you love our list of top digital influencers in Bangalore.

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Let us know about the other top Bangalore bloggers that you follow in the comments section below.



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