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As the Indian captain swung his bat to score a six, the silence deepened and the senses heightened all around him and in what seemed like an eternity every Indian’s prayers were answered and India won the T20 Cricket World Cup. There is nothing greater than the joy of winning a sports game for the Sports fraternity of this nation. Cricket followed by Football, Tennis and Hockey are the widely celebrated sports in the country amongst many others. We’re a country full of people who follow a variety of sports maybe even worship them.

If you’re a sports enthusiast and love delving into the details, then here’s a list of some amazing Sports blogs that you must follow –

1. Sportskeeda – This is a blog that promises to nurture the “sportsworm” within you. And their writers call themselves “keedas” a.k.a worms! From Cricket and Football to Kabaddi, Table Tennis and wrestling, these guys have everything. It’s a one-stop shop for every sports enthusiast. It is essentially a network of sports lovers. Predominantly a user-driven platform, on Sportskeeda, you will find news articles, reviews, and interviews with people from the sports fraternity, comics, and even satires on a variety of sports. If you love sports, this is the one blog you should follow.




2.  Indian Football Network – Football is the second most popular sport in India. Indian Football Network was started with an aim to unite all the Football fanatics across India. With segments like Hero-I League, Indian Super League and a rich editorial column, this site has a lot of offer. Every minute detail of a football match is covered with perfection and a detailed analysis of the same is also available on the blog. It’s a paradise in true sense for every football fan. The team behind Indian Football Network wants the world to know that India has more football lovers than any other country.



3. Hoopistani – As the name suggests, Hoopistani is all about the Game of Hoops, a.k.a Basketball. It belongs to Karan Madhok, a passionate Indian who loves writing about Basketball. Apart from Hoopistani, Karan is also an active contributor to some of the other popular sports blogs like NBA India, Sportskeeda, the Basketball Confederation of India & SLAM magazine. The blog provides latest news and information about Basketball events and matches from all across the world. Basketball in India has been growing at an exponential rate and for a game that is so popular; this blog is the perfect medium to stay in touch with current happenings in the hoops-arena.



4. The Cricket Couch – This is a blog for ardent devotees of Cricket and for people who love in-depth analysis of the game. The feature that makes the blog stand out is the “Couch Talk” section where exclusive and extensive interviews with all the Cricket legends are showcased. The contents of this blog are an intense take on the sport and all things related to it. Expert opinions and untold controversies make the blog unique and keep the readers hooked



5. Doosra – Doosra is an exceptionally witty and smart blog that will amaze and amuse you! It presents Cricket in a whole new light. The selling point of this blog is that it also appeals to people who are not a fan of the sport. Everyone and anyone can enjoy a read here. Everything that is up here has an unusual element attached to it. The blog also has a controversial viewpoint that attempts to challenge the dominant paradigms in the current Cricket thinking. A must read for all Cricket fans and the non-Cricket fans.



6. Outside of the Boot – If you’re suffering from an acute soccer/football syndrome, then you should probably start following this blog. It has been built for crazy soccer and football fans that have an almost unhealthy obsession with the sport. The beauty of the blog is that every word that is written here drips with passion for the game. Detailed tactical analysis of big games and comprehensive scout reports on the best emerging talent in the field of Football is the USP of this ultra Football-savvy blog. Apart from this, the blog also provides interviews with the experts, fan blogs and a debate forum for writers which make it impossible for you to every stop visiting the site. So good luck reading this, because once you do, there’s no end to it!



7. The Cricket Cauldron – This blog is a passionate Cricket fan’s brainchild. As the name suggests, the blog is more or less like a cauldron where Rustom Deboo brews a variety of Cricket-related topics. His undying love for Test Cricket led him to dissect the game and observe details that usually go unnoticed. The blog contains a lot of detailed information about the game and also invites all Cricket lovers to share their opinions and thoughts. This cauldron has brewed a lot of fine Cricket potions that are a delight to read.



8. – This blog is a fuel for soccer conversations around the world. Content is sourced from a global network of reporters which makes it timely and accurate. Apart from news and information about soccer games around the world, the site also has live commentaries and live scores available for their followers.

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9. Football Bible – If Football is your religion, then this is your bible! At this place, you’ll find everything about Football like information on latest league matches, Premier leagues, La liga and a lot more. There’s so much content here that you’ll never run out of stuff to read. The section on “Transfers” gives details about the players to keep you updated with the latest happenings in the Football world.


10. The Cricket Nerd – This blog has a reputation for its excellent GIFs, comic strips and memes. The content available here has a humorous take on Cricket. All the latest news and information related to Cricket is presented in an exciting and funny manner. The GIFs and comic strips are uproarious and are sure to crack you up. A highly recommended blog for Cricket enthusiasts out there!








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