Top 10 Sports Bloggers in India – 2022 Edition

  • Author: Lalitha Shukla
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  • Updated Date : April 18, 2022

Eyes shut tight and their minds engrossed in deep prayer, their hearts beat loud as they long for victory. Be it cricket, football, basketball, kabaddi, hockey, or any other sport, Indians participate, support and follow up on sporting events and games almost religiously.

Numerous sports bloggers have come forth with reliable in-detail blogs and websites to feed this passion that we have for sports. These sports influencers in India offer updates on almost every sporting event right from the Olympics to regional events. 

If you are a beginner venturing into the field of influencer marketing, or an influencer trying to scale your scope, have a look at the latest trends in the influencer marketing field. If you’re a sports enthusiast and love delving into the details, then here’s a list of some amazing sports bloggers that you should consider following

1. Sportskeeda

Sportskeeda is one of the leading sports influencers in India, and its writers take pride in calling themselves “keedas” a.k.a worms! They cover a variety of sports including Wrestling, Cricket, Football and Kabaddi, and is a complete destination for a sports enthusiast. 

It is a network of sports lovers who come together on this user-driven platform to read news articles, reviews and watch the interviews of their favourite sportsmen.

Considering the craze for cricket in India, the most sought out feature in Sportskeeda is the in-depth, technical cricket interviews that they upload.

2.  Indian Football Network 

Started with the aim to unite all Football lovers across India, Indian Football Network, thanks to its extensive football blogs, has done some great work in promoting this sport throughout the country

Its segments like Hero-I League and ISL updates clubbed together with a rich editorial column, offer a lot to every football enthusiast. 

This group of enthusiastic sports bloggers provide their readers with the most minute details of a match and also give out an in-depth analysis of the same in their football blogs. The IFN team takes inspiration from the fact that India has more football lovers than any other country and wants the world to know the same.

3. Hoopistani 

Hoopistani is one of the leading sports bloggers in India when it comes to Basketball, the Game of Hoops’. Karan Madhok, who is passionate about Basketball, is the brains behind this wonderful blog. 

He also contributes to other popular sports blogs and magazines like NBA India, Sportskeeda, the Basketball Confederation of India & SLAM magazine. 

Any basketball enthusiast can find loads of useful information on this blog including Indian Basketball updates, NBA updates or even information on events and matches from all across the world. While Indian basketball has been growing at an exponential rate and gaining popularity, a huge chunk of this growth can be attributed to Hoopistani.

4. The Cricket Couch 

Cricket lovers can stop their search for an in-depth analysis of the game here. The “Couch Talk” section where exclusive cricket interviews with all the Cricketing legends are showcased, is a hit among its followers. These extensive interviews have been really helpful to most cricket enthusiasts who want to dive deeper into the technicalities of the sport. 

The contents in their cricket blogs have minute details, technical know-how and enthusiasm in them. With the expert opinions and controversies that they unfold, The Cricket Couch is altogether one of the most popular sports bloggers in the country.

5. Doosra 

Doosra is a well-written, witty and smart blog that is sure to amaze and amuse followers. Its content is fabulous and even people who do not like cricket find it interesting and engaging.

The cricket blogs created by Doosra bring new light to cricket and offer a different perspective to the game. Everything that is put upon these blogs has an unusual element attached to it as it is not afraid of challenging the dominant paradigm of the current game and often gets into controversy over the same.

6. Outside of the Boot 

If you live and breathe football then you need to look no further. Outside of the Boot is one of the top sports bloggers specifically built for football fans. Each and every word and image on its football blogs brings out true passion and love for the sport. 

It also gives out a detailed analysis of the big games which is something every football enthusiast loves to debate. Another interesting aspect of this blog is the comprehensive scout reports showcasing the best emerging talent in this field and in-depth detail on their progressive performances. They also showcase interviews with experts, fan blogs and a debate forum to help keep their audience engaged.

7. The Cricket Cauldron 

Rustom Deboo, the brains behind this wonderfully designed and passionately executed platform, writes a string of cricket blogs that deal with a variety of Cricket-related topics like match insights, player reviews, cricket interviews and many more. 

His unconditional love for the game makes him go into the details that otherwise go unnoticed. The detailed information in his blogs is what keeps his readers engaged and motivates them to share their thoughts on the same. This cricket blog is a must-read delight for every cricketing fan.


A global network of reporters behind this well-structured blog makes it a great read. The updates are quick and the blog seems to be always loaded with the latest information sourced from around the world. ISL updates, live commentaries and match scores make this one of the most popular sports bloggers in India.

9. Soccer Bible 

Truly living up to its name, Soccer Bible has everything related to football. The depth and range of information here are amazing. You can find almost any information relating to football and the latest transfers happening across the football league can also be found here.

10. The Cricket Nerd

The humorous content, memes, GIFs and comic strips make The Cricket Nerd one of the most entertaining sports bloggers in India. All the news and information on cricket is presented here with a humorous touch that not only makes for good information but also makes you laugh. A must-follow for a cricket fan.

On That Note!

Sports is like another religion in most Indian households. As diverse as we are in various aspects of life, so is our taste in sporting events. Cricket Interviews, squad updates, NBA updates, ISL updates, we want it all. 

The top 10 sports bloggers mentioned in this blog have it all covered. As long as your queries are related to the field of sports, you can find all your answers in the above-mentioned blogs. If you are more interested in virtual sports and the gaming industry, take a look at the changing trends and opportunities you might have as a gaming influencer.

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