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  • Updated Date : May 15, 2023

Influencer marketing has taken the world by storm. If you have not already utilized it for your brand, you should think of using Amazon influencer marketing. The Amazon influencer program in India has grown and you must know how you can leverage the same. Influencers can send their followers to shop for their favorite products in one place that is Amazon.


But even before the Amazon Influencer program became a huge success, Indians have been utilizing influencer marketing strategies in e-commerce. If you are still uncertain about using influencer marketing in your business, it is all about finding the right types of influencers for different stages of the marketing funnel.


The influencer marketing trend is far from over. Every year sees something different making a breakthrough in the market and we have compiled a list of influencer marketing trends you should know about in 2021. In order to utilize these trends, you need to understand the types of influencer marketing strategies that you can try in India.


Amazon influencer marketing is an extended version of the Amazon Associates program. This program allows influencers to add product-related content on Amazon helping customers research and buy the products they like.


Things you need to know about the Amazon Influencer program in India-


  • How does the Amazon Influencer program in India work?
  • Existing Associates Account
  • What is a Verified Profile?
  • Steps to add products
  • Image Guidelines to be followed
  • How will your followers discover your page on Amazon?
  • Add Disclosures


How does the Amazon influencer program in India work?


The Amazon Influencer Program in India lets you have your presence on Amazon.

You can customize it with the products that you recommend to your audiences in your YouTube videos and on your Instagram content.

For this Amazon gives the amazon influencer affiliate a special vanity URL (amazon. in/shop/handle). This URL allows you to market your presence on Amazon among your social media followers. When a customer visits your page and shops on Amazon, you get compensated for the purchases in the same manner as you would with the Amazon Associates program.

Amazon does not expect that an Influencer will write only positive things. It expects you to give the customers your insight on the product. Your experience, and how you felt about the product. It can be both positive and negative. It is upto the customers to decide whether they would purchase the product.


Existing Amazon Associates Account-


If you already have an Associates Account, the Amazon influencer program in India lets you use the same account and store ID to register for the additional benefits of the Amazon influencer program

All you have to do is –

  • Get to the Influencer Program landing page through Associates Central 
  • Click  “Join Now” 
  • Log in to your Amazon account
  • If you have an Associates account linked to the Amazon account, you’ll be given the choice to use your existing store ID to register.


What’s a Verified Profile?


Verified Profile pages are pages that capture your social identity, that is your public name, a bio and your recent content, links to your social media account, and content that you have published across Amazon’s social experiences- stories, questions, answers, reviews, Idea Lists, and also a tile linked to your influencer store.

Amazon Influencer Program participants must have their profiles verified. You will not only get a verified badge and a storefront link, but Amazon influencers can also participate in the Amazon social experiences, including writing a review and publishing to Spark.


How to add products?


  • Login to Amazon with the e-mail you want to join the Influencer Program.
  • Type your vanity URL into your browser. In the owner view, click on the list you’d wish to add products to.
  • Type within the search bar for the products you’d wish to add. 
  • Click the + within the upper left corner to feature the products on your list
  • You can also add products to your page by checking out any product on
  • Once you’re on the products page, click on the ‘Add to List’ dropdown and choose the list you’d like to add the product to.
  • You can do that from your desktop, mobile web, or within the Amazon app.
  • To delete an Idea List, click on your Idea List and click on the pencil next to your list tagline. That will open a box where you can change the name, the tag line, or delete your list.


Image Guidelines to be followed-


Influencers must meet the following guidelines to upload images:

  • Minimum width:105px
  • Supported file types: .jpg, .jpeg, .png, or .bmp
  • Maximum file size: 5Mb
  • Greater than 72dpi


How will your followers discover your page on Amazon?


For any Influencer, it is important to leverage social media in order to engage with your followers and drive traffic to your Amazon page. Your followers will definitely look for you and your product recommendations along with the other quality content you provide. Amazon has shared some ideas in order to help spread the word about your space on Amazon. Find it easily on Amazon Resource Center.


Add Disclosures-


When you include an affiliate link, It is very important to make sure you disclose that to your followers. They will trust you more if you’re transparent about where you’re directing them once you share links.


Here is the link to the Amazon influencer program in India-


If you’re popular on social media then you must try out the Amazon influencer program in India. It is a great way to earn as you will get a commission with every product that is sold through the link you shared.

For those selling on Amazon, the Amazon influencer program in India is a cost-effective tool to reach potential customers who would be curious about your product. Instead of wasting money on other Amazon marketing strategies, try out this method by working with a proper influencer.

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