Hashtag Marketing: Why it’s time to #RevampYourHashtagStrategy

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  • Updated Date : May 15, 2023

Before the advent of Twitter, the hash symbol (#) on the keyboard was simply a symbol called the pound symbol. This seemingly simple symbol that had an even simpler usage, such as denoting numbers, back in the “no social media” days has now become a tool to reach people worldwide, align interests, create a customer base, and even expand businesses. In short, a powerful tool that highly contributes to any digital marketing strategy. 


With higher popularity, this tool has now evolved to be called the HASHTAG! 

First used by Twitter and later adopted through almost every social media platform, hashtags have become an inseparable entity in any post. Moreover, in our tech-savvy era, social media hashtags are considered fundamental to help reach the content to a wider audience. One can see these highlighted words with each scroll, and their widespread usage only shows the impact they can have on an everyday consumer. Such is the case that if you are a social media user, you cannot skip seeing a hashtag, be it a hashtag on Twitter or any Instagram post hashtags. 


Hashtags don’t just stand out, they help your work stand out! 

You see social media hashtags almost everywhere – on Twitter, YouTube, Instagram, Pinterest, Facebook, and Google+. But do you know how to use a hashtag strategically? If used correctly, any top trending hashtags can prove to be a boon to a brand and help get the audience it deserves. Hence, this is when hashtag marketing makes its entry!  

In today’s time and age, when it’s safe to say that everyone is consuming content close to the speed of lightning, there may be times when users can get overwhelmed by information overload. In such cases, knowing how to use hashtags can come to the rescue and help the right content reach its right audience. 

Now that we are acquainted with the importance and power of hashtags, let us look at how one can revamp their hashtag marketing strategy. 


  1. The number of hashtags and their positioning matters!


When it comes to best practices for using hashtags, one can tap into the following:


  • Using 7-30 top trending hashtags can help garner higher engagement
  • Positioning your hashtags in a way that makes them visible only after clicking the “show more” section. 
  • When it comes to Twitter, using the 2 most popular hashtags per tweet can be beneficial. 
  • Often overlook hashtags can lead to a lower engagement. 


  1. Stick to your niche


Niche hashtags get a little more specific, showing where you fit in the context of your industry, like #fashionblogger, #musicartist, etc. So, if you are a social media influencer, keep an eye on which hashtag is the most relevant to your niche. Likewise, on Instagram, there are times when people look for businesses by searching under the tags section. Hence, if you use a tag specific to your business niche, your brand might show up there as well. Yes, Instagram post hashtags are making a lot more sense now! 

Hashtags on Twitter can solely determine what would trend on the platform. While we are aware of the eyeballs trends can catch, the whole credit goes to hashtags. Using top trending hashtags can get more attention drawn to your work and eventually lead to more people engaging with it. 

  1. Check which hashtags worked best for your posts previously 

Good hashtag marketing includes analyzing past performances. Numbers can help gauge what worked out and what did not. 

  1. Add a mix of low, medium, and high volume hashtags

While high-volume, most popular hashtags can help categorize your content more universally, medium and low-volume hashtags can help your content not get doomed among the several posts available on social media. To bring a balance in the social media hashtags you use is vital as it can help reach the right audience. 

  1. Keep looking out for trending hashtags!

It goes by without saying the importance of using top-trending hashtags in your post. While there might be a few hashtags that remain consistent for a brand or category, it is of utmost importance to keep looking out for the top-trending hashtags, or most popular hashtags related to a certain topic, which may resonate with your content. 

  1. Add hashtags to Instagram stories too!

When someone is searching for a particular thing using hashtags, there are chances of your brands’ story ends up showing up on their search results page, provided you have used the right set of hashtags!

For many of us, hashtags may not seem to be that big a deal at times, and we may often end up overlooking them. However, in the world of digital marketing, knowing how to use a hashtag strategically can only bring a positive outcome. In short, understanding everything about hashtag marketing –making use of the right hashtag, in the right quantity and the right way can help show a drastic increase in organic engagement. 

So how about you #RevampYourHashtagStrategy


  • What hashtags were and what they are today! 
  • 6 simple ways to revamp your hashtag strategy to garner higher engagement. 

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