Top Technology Bloggers In India

Are you passionate about latest technology? Are you a tech freak? Is your browser history filled with technology-based websites? Then, here are the list of top 13 technology bloggers, who you should be following if you aren’t already.

We have handpicked each of these bloggers based on their frequency in blogging, quality of content, web ranking, and their expertise in their niche of blogging.

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Srinivas Tamada – 9lessons

This blog is a must-follow for anyone passionate about programming. With this blog, Srinivas does tutorial blog posts on various aspects of programming. Blogger and entrepreneur, Mr. Tamada, invented the new wall script. The topics covered on his blog are Web design, CSS, Ajax, Jquery, etc.



Harsh Agrawal – ShoutMeLoud

With close to 1 million subscribers, ShoutMe Loud is mainly a blog for bloggers. What started out of passion is now a full-fledged profession for the founder of this blog Harsh Agrawal, who is an engineering graduate by education and a blogger by profession. The blog shares insights, news, updates, and tech tips and tricks for new bloggers who are interested in taking up blogging as a serious hobby or profession.



Ankit Prakash – Sprout24

Founder Easy Sendy and Co-founder of Aritic, a marketing automation platform with artificial intelligence, Ankit Prakash, who blogs at Sprout24 is an entrepreneur and a full-time digital marketer. His blog contains posts about anything and everything you need to know about digital marketing. With a simple and elegant look, his blog covers major aspects of digital marketing like Adwords, Webmasters, Email marketing, etc.



Rajesh Namse – TechLila

Found in 2012, TechLila is a go-to-site for all tech tips and tricks needs. Providing a lot of How-to guides, tips, tricks, hacks, and insights, TechLila is like an encyclopedia for latest technological news. Passionate about SEO and blogging, Rajesh Namse has 5 other people contributing to the blog primarily in various roles. This blog also accepts relevant blog posts guest authors.



Atish Renjan & Zenil – Tech Tricks World

Another blog on technology tips and tricks that we found to be interesting was the one by Atish & Zenil. Found in 2012, Tech Tricks World has blog posts on gadgets, software, social media, blogging news, etc. The blog is constantly updated and is very active on most social media platforms.



Ankit Kumar Singla – Blogger Tips Tricks

A full-time blogger, an SEO guru, a part-time web designer, Ankit Kumar Singla is one of the youngest professional bloggers. His blog mostly contains technical tips and tricks for other bloggers to read and follow. His tool recommendation blog posts are quite useful and widely shared.



Pradeep Kumar – Hell Bound Bloggers

Chennai-based Pradeep Kumar started this blog when he was 17. This blog contains posts on SEO, WordPress, Social Media, useful technological tools, business tips, and eCommerce, among many others. One of the well-aligned and UX-friendly blogs, Hell Bound Bloggers is very insightful and informative for both bloggers as well as tech freaks.



Aniruddha – Tech2Touch

With a goal to provide summarized reviews in the shortest possible way, Tech2Touch not only posts quirky and accurate reviews but also on  time-saving tips and tricks, such as smartphone tips, excel tips, Windows tips, etc. With honest reviews and a lot of valuable technology tricks, this blog is quite informative.



Imran Uddin – All Tech Buzz

Imran started blogging just to write down his thoughts on various topics; however, gradually, he understood and learnt the key aspects of blogging, and is now one of the sought-after technology bloggers in India. An entrepreneur by profession, he owns All Tech Media Pvt. Ltd, which offers Web Development, Blogging and other SEO related services.



Ashish Sinha – Next Big What

An IIT & IIM graduate, Ashish Sinha has a varied work experience. His love for technology has led to the development of this blog, which discusses on every technological thing under the sun. From news to reviews, tips to tricks, hacks to updates, this blog has it all.



Jashpal Singh – Save Delete

Found in 2009, this blog shares new and unique Internet tips and tricks. Jashpal Singh, a self-proclaimed geek, is skilled in design and coding. Apart from the basic internet tips, he also shares advises on what software is worthy and what is not.



Aashish Paliwal – Pali101

With a neat website and unbiased gadgets’/services’ reviews, Aashish and his co-bloggers write posts about the latest trends and updates in the field of technology, with special attention to mobiles. Occasionally, they write blogs on education, parenting, public affairs, and public speaking as well.



Do you follow these tech bloggers? Share with us your favorite technology bloggers in the comments section. Also, check out our list of the top automobile and sports bloggers in India.

Top Technology Bloggers & Influencers In India
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Top Technology Bloggers & Influencers In India
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Hi there, I am also a tech blogger from india. You can search androidstrike and see my site. Hope you will like it.

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