Real Estate Blogs & Influencers in India - 2021 Edition

Top Real Estate Blogs in India – 2021 Edition

  Kruthika Ganesh
  August 18, 2020


Reply August 12, 2016

i have come across a new real estate blog in India ie.

Anish George
Reply September 25, 2016

Thank you for sharing such a nice info. Great job Kruthika.

Piyush Chauhan
Reply November 17, 2016

Thanks for sorting the top portals and the developers. I found good projects with Nirman Developers

Reply November 29, 2016

another one in the block is

Spacio Realtors
Reply November 30, 2016

Hello Kruthika..!! Thanks for sharing such an amazing information. You can also follow Spacio's Blog to get latest tips about real estate investment and property advisory services anywhere in India.

Ashok Nallappan
Reply January 5, 2017

Hi Kruthika,

I represent a residential developer in Bangalore - Assetz Property Group. We are currently restructuring our digital marketing strategy....for which am looking at good real estate bloggers. Would it be possible for you to connect us to a network of bloggers.
Ashok Nallappan

Vijay Kapoor
Reply January 6, 2017

Interesting information found in some blogs related to real estate and the trends which are in flow.

Nilesh Patel
Reply February 13, 2017

Interesting blogs. Thanks.

Reply February 28, 2017

Nice post krutika. You have shared a great post!

Reply April 1, 2017

Some of the great blogs you have listed. I also try to read the hidustan times or other news sites as they provide useful insights in the property market.

CM Imran
Reply April 12, 2017

Thank you for sharing a nice info. Great job Kruthika

Saksham Thapar
Reply May 7, 2017

Great job!!
While i surfing internet for searching "real estate" bloggers in India. i got your blog and saw you listed some real estate website on your blog section. Now you can also post one more popular website. Quickghar. Thanks

Reply May 11, 2017

excellent information on top real estate portals in india, do you see any chance of consolidation in this segment?

Reply May 13, 2017

Thank you for sharing such a nice info. Nice job Kruthika .

Puneet Patil
Reply May 15, 2017

Thanxs for sharing with all of us the Incredible post on ur blog . Its really illusive.

Ajay Shukla
Reply May 18, 2017

Thank you for sharing such a nice info. Kruthika

Umesh Kumar
Reply May 18, 2017

Hello Kruthika..!!
Thanks for sharing such an amazing information. You can also follow jindal Realty Blog to get latest about residential and commercial property in Sonepat.

SBP Group
Reply June 9, 2017

Thanks for sharing this amazing list, nice article with useful information, keep it up this great work and published posts on regular time interval.

Reply July 14, 2017

Thanks for sharing such a valuable data. It is very helpful for all residential project and real estate business in country.

Reply July 27, 2017

Thanks for sharing this stuff with us!

Shivani Jain
Reply August 28, 2017

Thank you for providing the list to a person like us, who are addicted towards reading real estate blog. I also love reading blogs of Anukampa Group.

Reply August 30, 2017

excellent information on top real estate portals in India

Rituraj sharma
Reply September 5, 2017

Where could we get the contact info on realestate bloggers to do some writting on our projects as well as some general info on real estate


Reply September 12, 2017

Nice post! I have gone through some of the sites and it feels worth spending time on studying realty news on these sites.

Reply September 14, 2017

Thanks for sharing this data. Its a very good list of blogs and influencers

Anil Mahajan
Reply September 16, 2017

Thanks for sharing about real estate blogs,

Reply October 3, 2017

thanks for sharing a valuable information about the Real estate industry

Dwij Parasar
Reply October 11, 2017

Thank you for sharing such a nice info

Dwij Parasar
Reply October 12, 2017

Thanks for providing this real estate blogging list

Reply November 1, 2017

Great post Kruthika. Thanks for sharing such an amazing information.

Alok Singh
Reply December 27, 2017

Thanks for providing the real estate links in india, I like your blog and also appreciate it

Reply December 28, 2017

Thanks for sharing Real Estate Blogs. This is such an amazing information.

Reply January 8, 2018

Nice. Thanks for sharing useful real estate blog websites in India.

Nisha T
Reply January 12, 2018

Great info keep up the good work. Thank for share…

One Indiabulls
Reply February 7, 2018

Thanks for sharing right information

Mahima Joshi
Reply March 3, 2018

Thank you for sharing such a nice info.

Vijay Kale
Reply March 26, 2018

i would like to add more to this which is Gharmantra.
It is one of the best and the most trusted website when it comes to buying property in Navi Mumbai, Thane and Mumbai.

Wadhwa Panvel
Reply April 4, 2018

Thanks for sharing the list of top real estate builders in single post. I really admired, Keep the good work Up !

Reply April 11, 2018

Thank you very much, these blogs are very helpful for us to update regularly. Such a nice and decent blogs and I have increase my knowledge related to real estate by the help of these blogs.

basudev semwal
Reply April 13, 2018

Thannks for sharing such a great info. keep up the good work.

Hari challa
Reply June 5, 2018

Nice article, very useful information about the Real estate blogs

Mahindra Roots
Reply June 18, 2018

Thanks for posting this stuff about Real Estate, informative one

Reply June 19, 2018

Great information for real state customer

Graha Grand
Reply June 28, 2018

Informative and a useful post
Thanks for sharing the blog

Reply July 16, 2018

Can you please update list

Reply July 17, 2018

Great post. it is very useful and informative. Thank you for the sharing

Reply July 19, 2018

amazing Great Post! I find your blog very helpful for real estate and I am sure others do as well. Keep up the good work

Shilpa Sharma
Reply August 3, 2018

Nice blog, list of blogs you provided about real estate was helpful. Thank you for sharing with us.

Cyrille Auxenfans
Reply September 5, 2018

Nice information that you shared.

Fiona Manonn
Reply September 26, 2018

I have read this blog. this is really amazing and helpful.thanks for sharing information.
Great Work!
Keep it up!

Reply November 19, 2018

Thanks for Sharing such a useful information All in one pack with full on Information

Rafael Doracia
Reply December 26, 2018

Really useful tips. I agree about sharing though. we all need to keep a blog alive.

Satyam Colonisers
Reply January 5, 2019

It's a really great post having superb information regarding real estate. Thanks for the different blogs.

Freya Pavitt
Reply January 8, 2019

Great post!

Reply January 18, 2019

With the help of your list I have read very interesting blogs on real estate, and also come across GharOffice blog which have amazing property related information.

Ishika Agarwal
Reply March 9, 2019

thankyou for writing this. this is an amazing article.keep writing. real estate is a vast topic but this article has given a good idea of it.

Reply February 26, 2020

Thank you for your valuable information. For a few days, I am searching for some good blogs related to Real Estate. Your blog helps me a lot. Thanks again for sharing useful information.

Reply July 5, 2020

Great and really informative

Vinit Sanzgiri
Reply July 14, 2020

Thanks for the list.

Joe joseph
Reply July 15, 2020

Amazing content, a lot of amazing websites which is actually new for me, however, some of them I used personally, But this article is one place solution for all real estate searching problem.

Reply July 17, 2020

Interesting reading! Thanks for sharing your information on Real Estate.

Maya Garden
Reply July 18, 2020

Nice article!!! Thanks for sharing this knowledge with us. This is very helpful for me.

Reply August 4, 2020

Really a wonderful post on Real Estate. Thank you for the efforts you have made.

Reply July 1, 2021

In this ocean of Real estate, we always need to be updated with the latest trends and technologies. These blogs can really help to go with the flow. thanks for sharing.

Mahesh Allu
Reply July 15, 2021

OH! Thank you very much for sharing useful blogs, who are in the real estate field. Made my work easy.

Apartments In Zirakpur
Reply July 27, 2021

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