Top Real Estate Blogs in India

With changing trends in the property market, real estate has become a hot topic of discussion. So if you are looking for authentic information on real estate related news and trends, we have put together a list of the top real estate blogs in India.

Each of these blogs listed below have been carefully selected based on the following parameters:

  • Expertise & Frequency of Blogging
  • Content Quality
  • Blog Traffic
  • SimilarWeb Rank is one of the fastest-growing platforms in the online real estate space. Their blog showcases everything from the current happenings in the real estate world to DIY home decors. The forum also features interviews of the most influential people in the industry. Visit this blog and stay updated with the latest news about real estate.




https news Most Shared Content, an online property portal, was established in 2006 with an aim of making the process of buying and selling properties easier.  Apart from this major motive, the portal also features interesting blogs. These blogs cover the latest trends in the property market, interesting interior décor tips and city-centric information. The cities covered by the portal are Chennai, Bengaluru, Mumbai, Delhi, Ahmedabad, Pune, Nagpur to name a few. Subscribe to their blog and get to know what is going on in your city.

IndiaProperty Blog Blog (1)

http Most Shared Content

It is a property portal that belongs to one of the most renowned company’s, The Times Group. They also offer other services like expert advice, home loan deals, blogs, etc. The blogs talk about real estate and its different aspects. India s No. 1 Property Portal.


http Most Shared Content

A property forum known for being user-friendly, it caters to home buyers, sellers and real estate professionals. Blogs on this platform covers some insightful and interesting areas of the property market, rental insights on different cities, Vastu tips and home hacks to name a few.

CommonFloor Blog for Real estate News Agents Buyers Sellers Investors in India

https Most Shared Content

Reality Fact

Known as India’s hub for real estate related information, it is one of the popular forums in the country. Not only does it focus on Indian real estate market but also focuses on the worldwide real estate market. The forum features some interesting news and updates on the industry. There are some fascinating facts about the property market featured as well, which makes for an interesting read.

Real Estate News India Magazine and Forum Realty Fact

http Most Shared Content

Property Blogs is a portal for buyers, sellers, investors, consultants/ dealers and other main players in the real estate industry in India. The blog shares useful reports on market trends, expert real estate advice and investment tips. If you are a real estate enthusiast, you can share your knowledge, experiences & grievances by posting your blogs on this platform.

Property Blogs Real Estate News With Your Views

http Most Shared Content

Vikas Rihkye

Vikas Rikhye is a realtor and consultant by profession and the founder of co-ordinates. Vikas is also an avid real estate blogger. Some of his latest blogs include; ‘Ways to be a smart investor’, ‘Living and lifestyle tips’ and some articles on the use of solar energy in India.


Basu Nivesh­

Basavaraj Tonagatti, a financial planner started BasuNivesh with an aim of educating the users with smart ways to manage finance.  Other than financial planning, Basavaraj is interested in the real estate market as well. In his blog, he shares information that are beneficial to his target audience like the ‘Importance of knowing your credit score,’ ‘How will the real estate bill 2016 benefit buyers,’ etc. Read his blog to get all your property investment doubts solved.

Real Estate Archives BasuNivesh

Casa Grande is one of Chennai’s real estate giants started in 2004.  Their blog consists of articles on different aspects of the property market including home décor trends and spotlights of upcoming areas in the city and a guide to buying a property, etc.

Blog Casa Grande Top Builders in Chennai (1)




Real Estate Blogs & Influencers in India
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Real Estate Blogs & Influencers in India
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i would like to add more to this which is Gharmantra.
It is one of the best and the most trusted website when it comes to buying property in Navi Mumbai, Thane and Mumbai.

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