Top Parenting Bloggers in India

“At the end of the day, the most overwhelming key to a child’s success is the positive involvement of parents.”-Jane D. Hull

Children are very critical and imperative for deciding how the world is going to be in the future. Parenting forms an important aspect for the growth of children. The futuristic heroes need your guidance to be powerful and happier during their later ages. So if you are looking for advice, tips or any questions relating to parenting, you have landed at the right page.

We have compiled a list of top parenting blogs, which will give lots of information to parents on parenting and other related topics. Although the compiled list is in no particular order, we have taken the following parameters into consideration to choose:

  • Activity on the blog, estimated reach and engagement on the blog
  • Quality of the blog including image quality
  • Social media following
  • Expertise & frequency in blogging
  • Buzz Sumo ranking

We have also put the blogs into three categories:

  • Preteens
  • Toddlers
  • Preschoolers


Kids Stop Press

Mansi Zaveri launched all by herself in 2011 and she is the editor-in-chief. Eight years of experience in advertising, branding, retail, she worked as the head of marketing and communications for French Connection.

Kids stop press is one of the best kid’s lifestyle blogs in the country and gives way for many bloggers and entrepreneurs to write their ideas. Apart from that, kids stop press takes various categories like parenting, medication, food for kids and mothers as an important part in their content. As per SimilarWeb, Kids Stop Press is ranked 27,335 in India with an estimated traffic of 30,000 per month.



It is one of the fast developing websites, which addresses the demands and interests of parents over the world. As per SimilarWeb, MomJunction is ranked 70,863 in the United States with an estimated traffic of 3, 70,000 per month.

MomJunction writers are professionals and all posts go through accurate checks by accomplished editors to ensure that you are getting the finest out of every single read.


Confused Parent

Started by Ekta Chawla(best parenting blogger in chennai), Confused Parent is an up-and-coming platform that helps you connect with experts, doctors & other parents. The blog also curates high-quality content for you to explore topics relating to pre-pregnancy, pregnancy & motherhood.

fireshot-screen-capture-095-parenting-community-in-india_-top-parent-bloggers-confusedparent_inmfine parenting blog

The mfine parenting blog is one of the best and comprehensive parenting blogs which cover a wide range of topics. From baby food chart to recipes to newborn and toddler care tips, the blog has it all. Apart from reading these interesting tips and articles, as a parent, you can also download their app and consult pediatricians online.

mfine parenting blog

Bumps n baby

Sangeetha Menon is an amiable wife to Rajnish and mom to Anshika. A software engineer by education, she found her passion for blogging when motherhood came calling. Bitten by the entrepreneurial bug, she quit her job as a Business Technologist to be a full-time blogger at Bumps n Baby. As per SimilarWeb, Bumps n baby is ranked 21,364 in India with estimated traffic of 35,000 per month.



Mocomi, one of the renowned kid’s education portal was started in the year 2011.The design of the website is contrasting from other parent blogs and uses easy to understand, visually interactive content, which will captivate lots of kids and young audiences. As per SimilarWeb, Mocomi is ranked 18,567 in India with estimated traffic of 95,000 per month.

Mocomi contains lots of videos and images, which are available to everyone and can be downloaded for free from their page. Their long term goals include reaching out to people in the rural areas, especially kids and collaborating with schools, NGO and other welfare organizations to promote education.

parenting blog_0014_Layer 4


Founded in the year 2009, Gnaana provides fresh thoughts and ideas that connect kids to the Indian culture. Gnaana is also a retail website and a community centre, which offers busy families a path to incorporate components of South Asian culture, languages, histories and tradition into their daily lives. The articles in the website express opinion on the values and richness of the Indian culture.

parenting blog_0013_Layer 5

Being Mommee

Shilpa Jadhav, a mother of twin baby boys is the founder of Being Mommee. An SEO and SMO by profession, Shilpa shares her wonderful experiences of motherhood through her blog. Being Mommee is a blog that focuses on baby care tips, lifestyle articles, products reviews and other such variety substances in a single blog.

Apart from parenting articles and other product reviews, her blog also contains inspiring stories and food recipes.

parenting blog_0012_Layer 6

The Mommy guide

This bIog is for parents who want to explore the best of Bangalore for their children. Lakshmi worked as a corporate communication professional and quit her job and took up freelance content writing in Bangalore.

The blog’s content has elegant pictures and fun activities that make your eyes tick to her articles one after the other. The blog covers variety of topics such as health, food and fun activities for children.

parenting blog_0011_Layer 7

The Champa Tree

The Champa Tree is about motherhood, parenting, baby and child care. You can tickle your funny bone with some parenting humor or read emotional pieces which most of us (at some point) would relate to. But above everything else, The Champa Tree is a safe place where all mothers and fathers can find answers to the questions they think are too “silly” to ask out loud. In case you don’t find the answer to a question that has been bothering you, feel free to reach out as this is a place free of all judgment. You can also find blogs on interesting activities that will keep your little one busy as you take a breather.


BuzzingBubs brings a networked source book of kid related fun exercises, events, health, travel, sport, food and lots more activities that you can do with your children.

They put a lot research into their writing, whether it’s buying the right toys, fun activities to do on weekends, where to tour or planning an awesome birthday party.


Obsessive Mom

Tulika Singh is a freelance content writer and a blogger. She is the founder and editor-in-chief of obsessive Mom. A mother to twins, Tulika Singh writes her experiences on parenting and child care. Apart from parenting, Tulika also writes a lot on safety while travelling, spending quality time with kids and education.


Parent Edge

It is a publication by Prayag Consulting, a marketing consultant firm. Parent Edge is a comprehensive parenting blog with lots of valuable information on lifestyle, DIY models, kid’s health, fun activities and education. It has got an expert editorial panel consisting of Ramya, Kritika and Kavita. Apart from blogs and articles, Parent Edge provides magazines in digital as well as print versions, which can be subscribed through their website.



Shishu World

After working in the software industry for over a decade, Priya Sachan started Shishu World to pen down all the struggles she went through during her motherhood and bringing up her daughter. It acts as a guide for women who would go through the same trails, especially, when they are away from their parents and elders during motherhood. As per SimilarWeb, Shishu World is ranked 34,780 in India with an estimated traffic of 15,000 per month.

The blog concentrates on the Indian way of parenting, blending age old ideas with contemporary techniques, which is relevant for the current scenario. The blog is also available as an android application.


Whole Some Mama

Aloka is a popular blogger and mother to a little baby boy.  Known as Paleo mom, Aloka is a dandy for all things natural for moms and babies. Her blog focuses on parenting and primal diet plans for all age groups especially pregnant women. She also writes on healthy lifestyle and fitness and emphasises on the importance of proper natural food that would maintain an appropriate lifestyle.

parenting blog_0007_Layer 11


Uma Maheswari Anandane who hails from Pondicherry started Momscribe as an informational site giving tips on mathematics and life experiences. A mother of two kids with an engineering background started writing the blog, “” As per SimilarWeb, Momscribe has an estimated traffic of 20,000 per month.

Her blog gives varied information on parenting, poetry, lifestyle, short stories, and brand promotions. Of course a chunk of mathematics is still an integral part of her blog.


Loving Your Child

Loving your child is one of the top parenting blogs in the country, which offers parenting advice and information to Indian parents who want to support their children develop into a well adjusted and happy family. The blog also encourages people to post their questions and offers personal advice.

parenting blog_0005_Layer 13

Parentune is the most expeditiously expanding online community supporting parents to do more for their children. Parentune’s goal is to legitimize a paradigm shift by designing an empowering ecosystem for every parent and child.

As per SimilarWeb, Parentune has an estimated traffic of 20,000 per month. The tools & applications on the pages are especially devised for parents so it is easy to use and relevant to their time and radius complications. The community is supported by a comprehensive skilled panel.


Kids Play Box

Started as a documentation of the founder’s daily activities, Kids Play Box has now become a fun and informative blog for a lot of mothers and parents across the country. A mother of two kids, the blog has a wide range of articles on child care, arts and crafts, Kids activities etc. As per SimilarWeb, Kids Play has an estimated traffic of 70,000 per month.

The website has rebranded itself as Kids Play Box and was earlier called, “Blog Me Mom.” They have also collaborated with a number of e-books on kid’s activities and play ideas. It has lot of engagements across the globe.



The Mom Views

Swapna is the editor-in-chief and co-founder for the website. A mom of two children, Swapna is an MBA in marketing. She was inspired by parenting blogs written by moms in the US and initiated writing her blog and made it her passion. Now she writes on parenting, Lifestyle and also reviews products. Her articles also give ideas on home decors and buying guides. As per SimilarWeb, The Mom Views is ranked 95,398 in India with an estimated traffic of 15,000 per month.


Mommy’s wall

After working in the software industry for seven years, Jaishri took up writing and entrepreneurship as her ardour. Jaishri also works with other authors such as Reks, SaranyaIyer, Anjjali Agarwal and Megha, who contribute a lot to the blog.


My Little One and Me

Started by Debolina, My Little One and me is a blog that has interesting game ideas, recipes and advice on how to entertain kids. A working mother, Debolina juggles a full time job and parenting. Through her blog, she connects with other moms who experience the same joy and passion.


Artsy Craftsy Mom

A software professional, Shruti started her blog as a journal of activities she did with her daughter. The blog now hosts varied topics like DIY projects, kid’s recipes and travel tips. The blog is filled with articles on arts and crafts for children and mothers. So if you want to explore the artistic side of your child then, this blog is a must read.


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