Top Food Bloggers in India you didn’t know of

They say that there is no love greater than a “mother’s love”. However, food lovers will tell you that there is no greater love than the “love for food”. Even if you don’t love food as much, our gastronomically-inclined food bloggers are committed to take you through a salivating experience with eye-candy pictures of sumptuous food and transform you into an ardent food–lover with their culinary skills. After all, cooking is an art and these artisans have put their heart into the craft.

Here is a list of top food bloggers in India. Although the compiled list is in no particular order, we have taken the following parameters into consideration to choose the best food bloggers in India.

  • Activity on the blog, the estimated reach and engagement on the blog.
  • Quality of the blog including image quality and novelty of recipes
  • Social media following
  • Expertise & frequency in blogging
  • Novelty of the recipes
  • The focus on bloggers writing primarily about Indian food recipes only.

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Eatopian Chronicles by Swati Sucharita

Swati Sucharita is indeed a jack of all trades. After being in the print media for almost three decades, she presently runs her own content consultancy firm and is also a full-time food blogger. Her personal blog Eatopian Chronicles covers a wide range of cuisines and chefs. She is known for her in-depth knowledge about the cultural diversity of the different Indian cuisines.

Eatopian Chronicles

Archana’s Kitchen by Archana Doshi

A software engineer turned into a food blogger, Archana is a successful entrepreneur for the past 9.5 years. Archana started her blog Archana’s kitchen as a food discovery site with the aim of providing DIY solutions for everyday cooking problems. She uses videos to portray her innovative cooking ideas such as special diet recipes, lunch box ideas for kids, dinner table ideas etc. Through her blog, she aims to educate her readers about the power of home cooking in building a healthy society.

Archana's Kitchen

Belly over Mind by Ankiet Gulabani

Ankiet Gulabani started his own recipe website to inspire people to cook at home. Hence Belly over Mind was born. What makes him stand out is his approachable recipes that can be easily created using locally available ingredients. For all the cooking enthusiasts, he is the go-to-guy for some simple yet exotic home meal recipes.

Chowder Singh by Mohit Balachandran

Mohit Balachandran a.k.a Chowder Singh loves to live by the motto “Drink juice, play carrom and life’s sorted”. Starting his blogging journey in 2011, he loves unravelling the hidden street food gems of India.  According to him, Indian cuisine is so diverse that even a lifetime is not enough to explore the whole of it.

Chowder Singh

Edible Garden by Nags by Nags aka Nagalakshmi is undoubtedly one of the most creative food blogs featuring anything from old-town classic recipes to delicious quick-bites you crave with your evening tea. The blog is well laid out with a different category of recipes, these are regional based, so if you are away from home but are badly craving your type of food, Nags always has something delectable to serve you.

edible gardenVegan Richa by Richa Hingle is a wonderful recipe blog that re-iterates that you first eat food with your eyes & then with your mouth. From gluten-free and vegan recipes to traditional authentic Indian recipes you will love them all. Sneak a peek into the blog & tell us you don’t want to dive right in.


Sailu’s Kitchen by Sailaja stands as a strong pillar of support for a decade for amateur cooks like many of us. Specializing in Andhra & South Indian food, this is a remarkable blog for every woman who wants to please her family with her culinary skills.

sailu's kitchen

Sharmis Passions by Sharmilee is for those who are passionate about learning novel recipes, especially, South Indian recipes. We love her simplicity and the way she takes us through her online journal of recipes supported with great step-by-step photography.


Divine Taste by Anushruthi reads “Feed your body, mind & soul”. We love this recipe blog because it lets you indulge in exotic food guilt-free, as they are pure vegetarian sattvic food (food devoid of meat, fish, eggs, garlic, onions & wine). Definitely divine!

divine tastre

Padhu’s Kitchen by Padhu Sankar is one of the best food blogs that re-iterates that cooking is much more than just putting together 4 different ingredients. Meat-eaters do not scroll past this blog; you will find many mouth-watering pure vegetarian & eggless recipes.

padu's kitchen

Raks Kitchen by Rajeshwari Vijayanand is an authentic vegetarian blog dating back to 2007, which has a strong following. The blog will have you drooling and then head straight to your kitchen with your apron on! Don’t believe us? Take a look if you already haven’t already!


Quick Indian Cooking by Mallika Basu An artsy food blog at its best, this blog has lovely pictures that capture the love for food. You can’t help but ogle at these mouth watering pictures of various dishes. With a great mix of f national & international cuisines, she is clever, confident & creative.

malika basu

Passionate About Baking by Deeba Rajpal is filled with delicious and sinful desserts. Original and outstanding, these recipes are sure to satisfy your midnight cravings. Tempted? Be ready for a XXX experience.


Veg Recipes Of India by Dassana

www.vegrecipesofindia is an endearingly simple, fuss-free and beautiful food blog by Dassana. She became a full time professional blogger in a bid to follow her passion. From North Indian to South Indian cuisine, you will find everything you are looking for.

veg recepies

Archana’s Kitchen by Archana Doshi is one of the best food blogs that spells perfection with years of rich experience. She dived into the world of artistic cooking at a young age. Innovative recipes, coupled with a strong presence on social media have helped her reach great heights. The blog focuses on healthy yet yummy recipes to help you lead a hale and fit life.


Aayi’s Recipes by Shilpa is blog site which showcases recipes since over a decade. The specialty of this blog is Konkani based recipes, the native language of the blogger. This blog is dedicated to her mother, which explains the name “Aayi.” From desserts and festive recipes to everyday delicacies, Shipa with her robust experience in Indian cuisine has revived some traditional recipes we will love to pass on as a legacy.


Foodomania by Kavitha Ramaswamy  is an abode for Vegans and Vegetarians. The promising blogger is going strong and has garnered a great response on social media as well. Mexican, Moroccan, French, Chinese, Italian and what not – she has done them all, with ease & poise. Like Kavitha Ramaswamy says “Simply Indulge” and enjoy!


Saffron Trail by Nandita Iyer, a go to blog for all the health freaks. A medical professional, specialized in nutrition, Nandita started her journey as a blogger in 2006. Safrrontrail showcases a combination of healthy and tasty vegetarian dishes which are easy to make at home. With dishes like Oats Dhokla and Roasted Figs, Chickpea and Rocket salad, Nandita Iyer has taken creative recipes to the next level!

saffron trail

Green Gastronomy by Sankar  is a little different from all the other blogs mentioned in this article. Sankar does not present you with any delicious recipes but instead presents to you his experience at different food joints. The essence of this blog is that the experience is captured just like it happened with no extra edits. The blogger says he does not edit the images to maintain this. Visit this blog when you require a little help on deciding a good place to dine in.


Do you feel we missed on any bloggers you know? Let us know. Bon Appetit!

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You missed out the very awesome Rushina Munshaw Gildhiyal

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Hi I am Amrita a passionate food blogger from Mumbai.Just check out my blog as well????

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A great blog - written by an Italian-American Hollywood scriptwriter
The Colors of Indian Cooking.
Wonderful recipes, beautifully photographed - totally Veg.

Goan food: Goanwiki is excellent.

Hazanath Ashraf
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Kothiyavunu. Com by Sangeetha and Marias menu by Maria Jose are really good.. The list is incomplete without them..

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Nice post giving information about Indian best food blogs. I am very fond of eating and exploring new place to dine out.

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One is the best then other, but a great list. Congrats to the winners and must say it takes a lot of hardship, patience to cook an Indian meal.

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my website MintsRecipes is and Uthentic Indian Food blog with hundreds of recipes. you can add it. I will be oblized

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Hello, I blog about how to run a food business in India, food industry trends, tools and tips. Find me at Facebook(dotcom)/thedosalady

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Time to move out of the sexist 'woman in the kitchen' era.

Priyanka Jain
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Rahul Prabhakar
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Please check out my 10-year-old food blog called When The Muse Strikes! rahulprabhakar dot com

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Paras Ghealni
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Biplab Poddar
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