A complete guide on Instagram influencer marketing to try in 2022

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  • Updated Date : April 27, 2022

The first thing people think of when talking about social media is Instagram, which speaks volumes about its impact as a social media platform and when you hear the phrase “marketing strategy”, it definitely is Instagram Influencer Marketing. The idea of influencer marketing is to work with creators with the intention of producing branded content which eventually can become a powerful way to ensure that a brand has a larger reach on social media. Developing a customized strategy isn’t enough for any type of business but with a little bit of analysis and planning, just about any business can succeed.

Here’s everything you need to know about Instagram influencer marketing :

Individuals who are famous on Instagram and have a huge following are known as ‘forces to be reckoned with’ since their followers adore and regard their viewpoints in a way of content that they create. Practically any brand can profit from Instagram powerhouse showcasing no matter what their industry and target segment because of the huge and various pool of forces to be reckoned with Creators/Influencers just as Followers /watchers accessible.+

In the mid-2010s, especially in India brands used to send items to bloggers whose followers are in similar lines to their product, in return for posts about it on their profiles, for marketing and branding purposes. However, this changed with the quick development of the area, when influencers/creators acknowledged that they could no longer gain free items but rather charge brands for framework land on their profiles which are now known as Instagram influencer marketing. From then on, the majority of influencers started charging for the content they used to create for a brand in regards to no unscrupulous usage of their content. 

Organizations and forces known for their capabilities have taken advantage of Instagram’s rise to legitimately advertise their products to their audience, which led to the creation of the ‘paid post/ Influencer partnership’ peculiarity.


There are 2 types of main marketing trends in 2022

  • Brand Marketing
  • Performance Marketing

The brand marketing approach emphasizes purpose-driven information and creative storytelling, while the performance marketing approach emphasizes metric-driven and acquisition-focused activities.

An analysis of the campaign in which we as a team worked and participated – 

Brand marketing –

Initially, WhiteHat Jr. – An online platform was primarily known for its coding, music, and math classes for kids that were geared towards creating a young user-generated content . Recently, they have also introduced music classes for adults, which they intend to promote through creators (musicians and tutors). To perform a branding campaign, we collaboratively worked with four creators on YouTube content to promote the free trial classes they are providing through WhiteHat Jr.


Performance campaign 

BLACKBUCK APP – The launch of BlackBuck signals the start of a new path for trucking – one that is organized and aims to make trucking simple for every shipper and trucker. BlackBuck’s mission is to make it as easy as possible for truckers to book a load and move at capacity, and enable shippers of all sizes to find the right truck at the right time for the right price – all with the click of a button.  To carry out a Performance campaign, numerous requirements about video content were met on verified digital platforms of the brand to promote brand awareness both south and north. The videos turned out quite well and have already started being published as advertisements.

Though there’s a different way for marketing the brands, the main purpose or end goal is the same i.e Brand awareness is often the first step to driving performance-marketing goals, such as leads & sales, and to increase the chances of generating conversions and dominating your market.

Here are some hacks to increase your engagement on Instagram –

  1. The key is consistency, so post content regularly.
  2. Visual consistency will increase viewership since it is satisfying
  3. Make sure the hashtags are relevant to the post since they will reach the right audience. Also, limit the hashtags to 5-7 for the maximum reach.
  4. User-generated content –  Content created by creators on Instagram about a brand that isn’t created by an official representative of the business. This could take the form of a review on social media, a video, a podcast, or any other format. This will facilitate contacts and build a community of creators as well as an audience for the brand.
  5. Exploring the full range of Instagram video formats as well as features.
  1. The subtitles and close captions will increase the viewership of the video since  they are fun and interesting concurrently
  2. Keeping up with the latest trends while active on reels, Being unique by following trends is an additional brownie point.
  3. It might be beneficial to collaborate with other creators or influencers in the same field to gain an audience from both ends.
  4. An influencer partnership helps in achieving common goals and increases visibility to a wider audience.
  5. Engaging with your followers on social media will strengthen your relationship with them which will result in increasing your visibility and generating word of mouth.
  6. Remember to never compare yourself to any creator or influencer and to follow the tagline, “you do you”.

These are some special strategies on how to increase engagement on Instagram

Conclusion –

Instagram Influencer marketing has become more and more popular due to the rapid growth of social media and word-of-mouth marketing. By understanding what Instagram influencer marketing is, how it works, and what it brings back, you will gain an understanding that this is one of the most important marketing trends in the future, especially in India. An effective Instagram influencer marketing strategy involves selecting the most appropriate influencers  As a result, you’ll be able to take your social media marketing campaigns to a whole new level, especially for those startups that have been struggling to gain traction. The benefits of Instagram influencer marketing outweigh its costs if you can use the right influencers and implement an effective digital marketing plan.


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