Influencer of the Week – Shrinidhi Hande #InfluencerSpeaks

  • Author: Sayantan Rudra
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  • Updated Date : February 21, 2022

As part of the #InfluencerSpeaks series, we bring you the interviews with top influencers across India. This week, we are featuring Shrinidhi Hande, a Twitter & social media influencer. Here’s the transcript of his interview:


Please tell us a bit about yourself and your blog/online presence
I started blogging in May 2006, started writing simple thoughts, analysis, reviews. Slowly the audience picked up. Few years later`, I got my own domain. Eventually I started focusing more on travel and automobile. It has been close to 10 years now. I get about 1000 visitors a day, close to one lakh page views a month. I have full time job with an MNC, so blogging is only a hobby/passion for which I am able to spare only few hours a day. I love traveling, long drives, chess and reading. I am currently based in Chennai and in 2015, I received Best Chennai Urban Blogger award.

How did you get started online? How has the journey been?
Initially I used to send articles to newspapers for consideration in print- but that would take long time to see the light, if at all. Instead of having to wait for weeks before knowing if my work is accepted or not, I found that blog gives instant reach and response. Hence I started focusing more on my blog. The journey has been great. Some posts got a lot popular beyond what I had imagined. I have got many regular readers who recognize me offline and speak good words about my work. I did get a good number of travel opportunities because of my blogging.

What type of content do you create?
I do posts based on my travel experiences. I also add photos, short videos, travelogues, analysis on pros and cons of various options, product or service reviews.

Tell us something about the most interesting projects you have engaged with.
A review I wrote about a timeshare company has been most popular post in my blog. The timeshare company’s terms of business was largely unfavorable to paying customers, so many affected customers agreed with my views and shared their concerns. I got to ride all across Northern Thailand for about 7 days on superbikes, on invitation from Tourism Authority of Thailand. This was also very fulfilling.

Which brands have you associated with in the past?I have worked with brands such as Tata Motors, Singapore Tourism, Tourism Authority of Thailand, Honda etc.

Where do you see opportunities and challenges in being an online Influencer?

1) To be able to experience products and services before others
2) Participate in exclusive events
1) To ensure that you don’t cheat your readers/followers by endorsing a product/service that isn’t really worth someone’s hard earned money
2) Managing time from your primary job for online activities

Any thoughts or tips to share with your fellow Bloggers and Influencers?
Before you write, you should be good reader. Read a lot to understand how others are writing. If money is your single motive to run a blog, you may not succeed quickly. If you stick to your passion and area of expertise and keep blogging irrespective of readership, money etc. Over time you will get noticed and opportunities will come.

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