Why Divija Bhasin’s Content Is The Need Of The Hour!

  • Author: Sayantan Rudra
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  • Updated Date : May 15, 2023

Divija Bhasin is a young psychologist who takes over Instagram to educate people and spread awareness about mental health. She has a Masters of Psychology from the University of Bath in England. She started her digital journey by putting up videos on TikTok and eventually moved to Instagram, where she puts up informative reels by making them fun and relatable. Let’s get straight into it and understand more about Divija and her content.

Why is Divija’s content the need of the hour?

In a country like India where mental health is not discussed openly and mental health issues are seen as taboo, it is very important to educate people as much as possible and make it normal. There are lots of myths around mental health that prevail in our society. The subject of mental illness is not one that most people would want to talk about openly, and even less, accept the fact that they may be suffering from this problem. This outlook needs to change and hence we need more people like Divija who are openly discussing these issues and educating people about it.

Why should you follow her?

Firstly, you should follow her because her content is reliable and authentic. She is working as a counseling psychologist after completing MSc in Applied Clinical Psychology from the University of Bath. Her goal is to make a difference in the field of Psychology in India and create more awareness. 

There are lots of people and pages on social media that talk about psychology facts and claim to be psychologists or even provide therapy and what’s worse is that these pages are really popular and have extremely high engagement. This means that there are many people out there who are getting misguided because of such posts. 

Secondly, Divija makes her Reels very interesting by adding a touch of humor to them, making it all the more fun to watch and more likely for people to share it further. 

What makes her content stand out?

Making relatable content, educating people about different topics, and still somehow making it fun to watch is something that Divija can do very well. Her content is unique, appeals to a wide range of audiences, and is also credible. She receives a great amount of engagement on all her posts which only shows how amazing her content is. She likes to create content around trending music on reels by giving it her own twist and making them educational, changing trends is her signature. Her account has been gaining popularity and all of it comes with a great deal of hard work that goes behind her content. She is glad that she is able to reach out to so many people and spread awareness about mental health. She also mentioned in one of her interviews that the response on her reels just shows that people want an open, accepting, non-judgmental environment and someone to support them. Her content encourages people to openly talk about things related to mental health, which indeed contributes towards bringing a positive change in society.

Why do we need more influencers like Divija?

Social media platforms like Instagram, Youtube, Facebook, etc. are developing as a rich source of mass communication. It is a great way to reach out to a large number of people in a short time frame. Hence, increasing awareness about important matters like mental health through social media can be a good initiative. Divija Bhasin, a psychologist active on social media does exactly that. She consistently tries to amp up conversations around mental health on social media.

In a country like India where Psychology as a profession is not as recognized and celebrated as other mainstream professions, a lot of psychology students end up worrying about their career in India. The country definitely needs more mental health professionals like Divija, who not only talk about these things but also act as credible sources of information for the people.

In conclusion, we would like to convey that experiencing mental health problems is completely normal and natural. Mental health has always been a gloomy, taxing, and serious conversation, but it does not necessarily have to be. Acceptance and acknowledgment of both positive and negative emotions are important for a healthy emotional life. 

Following and supporting people like Divija is a step towards a positive change in our country. Hence, we strongly believe that her content is the need of the hour and we need many more influencers creating such impactful and worthy content. 

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