Influencer Interview – Shruti Bhat

  • Author: Radhika Chhabria
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  • Updated Date : February 21, 2022

As a part of our #Influencerspeaks series, we bring to you some interesting insights into Influencer Marketing. This week we interviewed Shruti Bhat from Artsy Craftsy Mom. Shruti’s blog covers interesting ideas on Arts & Crafts for kids. Here’s what she had to share about her journey:

1Can you please tell us a little bit about yourself and your Blog?

I’m Shruti Bhat & I live with my family in the garden city, Bangalore, India. I am passionate about children’s art and creativity and want to share that passion with my readers. On my blog, I share ideas, information, and inspiration to encourage my readers to enjoy and share art & crafts with their kids.  I post several times in a week on kids art ideas, seasonal crafts, and family fun activities.

2What did you do before Blogging? Who inspired you to share your stories?

I drew and painted my way through my childhood. My mother is my biggest inspiration. Somewhere along the way, my interest in art took a backseat and life took over. I studied to be a software engineer, immersing myself in lines of coding instead. I worked at Oracle as a Lead Quality Analyst till the end of 2015. After my daughter was born, my interest in art rekindled and I realised that I wanted to raise her in an art-rich environment and to encourage her creativity and imagination as much as possible.

3. What distinguishes your Blog from other Parenting Blogs?

There are very few Parenting bloggers in India who blog about this niche – Art & Craft Ideas for Kids.

4. Since your work involves being with your kids, what are the advantages and the drawbacks of involving your kids in your profession?

I love involving my daughter in most crafts that I do. She is the reason I started the blog in the first place. The advantage is that I get paid to have fun with my daughter. We get to test out the coolest products, attend the most fun parties in town and I get to be at home with her while I follow my passion. The disadvantage is that her privacy is affected. I get a lot of brand endorsements that require me to photograph her – crafting, showcasing a new clothing line etc.

5.  Motherhood is full of challenges. What are the challenges you face on a daily basis?

Motherhood is a challenge – I struggled to manage home, office, blog when I was working full time and I still struggle with the same things. Now that my daughter is 10, I need to keep a constant eye on what she is looking at online/watching on TV etc; Teaching her the value of money; tackling body issues.

6. Which are the other Parenting Blogs you follow and would recommend to your readers?

I love and recommend her blog to all first-time moms.  I also follow Dirt and Boogers  & the Reformed Idealist Mom

7. What would you consider to be your biggest achievement in your journey so far as a Blogger?

Two things -I feel very blessed that I am able to make a full-time living, while I follow my passion, because of my blog. But without a doubt, the thing I’m most proud of is the amazing people I connect and work with.

8.  What do you enjoy the most about being a Mother?

Watching my daughter learn something new every day.

9. Can you please tell us a little bit about your recent collaborations with brands and some interesting work in the pipeline?

I recently did a collaboration with Johnson Baby team, where a group of parenting bloggers got to visit their Mulund Factory and enjoy an amazing 2-day program. It felt really nice being pampered and being recognised & respected as Influencers.

10. As a full-time blogger, what are the challenges you face?

Managing attitude problems of people – from your relatives who don’t understand that blogging is a full-time job, to house-help problems, to fluctuating electricity & internet problems.

11. If you had to share 3 tips with your fellow Bloggers who are just starting out in the Parenting space, what would it be?

  1. Be passionate, genuine and helpful.
  2. Don’t lose hope. Like I always say ” Life is not a 100-meter dash, it’s a marathon”
  3. Forgive yourself – Some days my house is spic & span but I feel like I’ve really failed as a blogger, some days my blog is amazing and I feel like I’ve failed as a mother. It’s okay, we are humans. Tomorrow is another day.


12. Apart from your child, who would you like to thank for being a part of your journey so far as a Blogger?

My husband – because he is the one listening to my boring stories about analytics and page views. He is the one patiently waiting till I Instagram the interesting food and he is the one who’s opinion & likes really matter.

13. Finally, what are your thoughts about Would you prefer engaging with the brands directly or associate with platforms like ours?

A good mix of both.

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