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Vyng – Video Ringtone App

Brief: Vyng is an LA-based video ringtone start-up that transforms how conversations start on mobile by bringing emotion to the lock screen. Vyng’s video ringtones app lets users set video channels as their ringtone, playing a fresh video on the lock screen with every call. Users can also set a particular video as their ringtone on Vyng for all of their contacts or even set different ringtones for different contacts. Vyng also allows users to upload their personalised videos on the app to make them their phone's ringtone. Users can also create a customised list of favourite videos from the videos available on Vyng and put them on their ringtone screen

Goals: To explain the functionalities of the app and get users to try our app

Do able: 1. Create engaging content around the App
2. Personal images using the App

Don't: Sharing content without relevant URL

Deliverables: 1. 1 Blog post or Youtube video
2. 2 Social Media posts - Facebook, Instagram.

Apply till: Aug 02nd, 2018

Eligibility: Lifestyle & Technology Influencers in India

Rewards: Apply to receive details

Campaign closed