Indian Organic Food Brand | Influencer Campaigns in India

Indian Organic Food Brand

Brief: Introducing an organic food brand which produces a variety of healthy cooking ingredients like dal, flour and spices. These items are grown organically to benefit kids, teenagers, adults , new moms and the like.
This health and nutrition brand works towards creating a healthy lifestyle by  motivating people to have food that is not genetically modified.
As a Food, Fitness,Lifestyle or Parenting Influencer from India you can cover this organic brand on your social media channels.

Goals: Create user generated content for the organic food brand by weaving interesting stories around the product and to increase awareness about the brand.

Do able: 1) Use the product and create personal and positive stories about your experience of using the product.
2)Compelling personal good quality images with the product on social media.
3) High quality videos with original content around the brand.

Don't: 1) Bad camera lighting and bad camera angles for the images and videos

Deliverables: 1 static post and video post on Instagram
1 static post and video post on Facebook

Apply till: Jan 22nd, 2019

Eligibility: Food, Nutrition, Fitness, Parenting or Lifestyle Influencer from India.

Rewards: Apply to recieve

Campaign closed