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Hamam Mothers’ Safety Force Community

Brief: Hamam has the power of 100% pure neem oil which delivers superior skin protection and empowers moms to protect and keep their family safe from the harsh outside world.  This promise of protection gives moms the confidence to encourage her children to live brave; to thrive, to step out fearlessly and chase their convictions. In everything that Hamam undertakes, it seeks to help moms raise a braver generation. Hamam Mothers’ Safety Force aims at creating a holistic community of mothers that prepare their children to step out of the house bravely and take on the larger challenges life throws at them. Parenting influencers can focus on various ways to keep a child safe and to stay street smart to combat dangerous situations. The goal of the campaign is for mothers in India to take a pledge for a safer world.  As a parenting influencer, you can cover Hamam on your social media handles :)

Goals: The goal is to create a community of parenting influencers to take a child safety pledge.

Do able: 1)High-quality images
2) Good quality videos with subtitles/voiceover

Don't: Bad quality images
Bad pronunciation in the video

Deliverables: 1 static post on Instagram, twitter, facebook
1 selfie video post on Instagram, twitter, facebook and youtube

Apply till: Jan 28th, 2019

Eligibility: Parenting Influencers in India

Rewards: Apply to receive

Campaign closed