The Modern Workplace – featuring Gehna Jewellery

Just over ten to fifteen years ago, it was commonplace for parents and for us to think about jobs in terms of three major factors – salary, job security and the name of the company. Landing a government job was considered the best possible thing and jobs were just that – jobs, that’d keep the home fires burning. Women working wasn’t as common as it is now.

I’ve grown up with a working mom, (now working with me on SS after retirement) and while those who espouse ‘traditional’ (read: often patriarchal) values might be against that, I have learnt so much from her. I have learnt that if you have ambition, it doesn’t matter where you’re from or what degree you have – you push, you work hard and you do whatever it takes. She did all that and more, with us two kids in tow. For her though, work was a means for her to supporting the family while working on herself at the same time.

Fast forward to today, and the workforce couldn’t be more different.
We’re a different kind of generation, and the women in our generation have been taught that nothing’s beyond their reach. For us, work is first and foremost about enjoying what you do while being paid fabulously for it, while being connected and engaged to it most of the time. It’s about driving yourself to the highest levels of your potential, of working on things that are new and fun, and meeting new people in the process. It’s no longer just a way to support oneself or one’s family. In fact, what I love is how women in particular are becoming more and more self-reliant, and aspiring towards a lot more than just getting married and raising a family. If we want to pamper ourselves with our hard-earned salaries, we’re no longer guilty about it.
The workplace is different too – a lot of today’s offices no longer have that stuffy corporate feel to them, and that’s what makes being there more fun. Mine for instance has an in-house Labrador whose wags and licks make everyone’s day! (Psst, I’d love to know more about your workplace too, let me know in the comments!) When you’re bored or when you have some extra work to catch up on, as long as you have wifi and a strong data connection, a cafe would do too! In my case I stumbled upon this little one called 38 Castle Street where most of this shoot was done.

Dressing up for work becomes something to look forward to in this case and even if you’re wearing formals you can play around with makeup, with silhouettes and with jewellery. In today’s look, I’ve styled some gorgeous jewellery from the Tints and Tinges collection from Gehna Jewellery – it’s lightweight, delicate, beautiful silver jewellery designed especially for working women.

The Tints and Tinges Collection features jewellery that seems to have been designed keeping us in mind – the modern woman who works for her passion, who leans towards the finer things in life, and when it comes to jewellery prefers the classy over the flashy. The collection consists of Sterling silver earring and necklace sets, pendants and bracelets in different sets, using various gemstones to add a ‘tint’ of colour that makes it look beautiful and catch the light in an elegant way.

The Gehna Jewellery collection I’ve styled here is designed with aquamarine, blue topaz, peridot and crystal quartz. The minimalism of the collection and its overall look makes it easy to accessorize with any workwear outfit.


I’ve put together a few ideas for styling the pieces from Gehna Jewellery in this shoot. You can pair it with solids like a kurta and tights, or even fitted jeans and a casual button-down white shirt. Take your outfit from day to night by wearing it with a fitted black dress and add a sequinned dinner jacket to it. There are many other lovely pieces featured in the collection, which you can find here.

The collection is a perfect coming together of the modern workplace and the liberated young woman who is part of it. To me it truly represents today’s working woman, and her style and approach to life.

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Photography & Editing Credits: Roshini Kumar of Quirky Owl Productions
Location Courtesy: 38 Castle Street

Outfit Details:
Jewellery: Gehna Jewellery
Pinstriped blazer: Thrifted
Shirt: Allen Solly
Skirt: Aviraté
Heels: Dorothy Perkins

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