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World Cricket Championship

Brief: WCC Rivals is a new game launched in the World Cricket Championship app which is a popular cricket gaming app in the world. WCC Rivals is the first full-featured, real-time Cricket 1v1 Multiplayer game on mobile. As a gamer, you can play batting and bowling innings against real human opponents, build and customize your Squad roster the way you like, crush all those who dare to challenge your cricketing skills and prove your worth!
WCC2 is the most advanced 3D mobile cricket game. You can play the maximum number of cricket shots including the famous Dil-scoop, the Helicopter shot and the Upper-Cut.‘World Cricket Championship 2’ has features that make it the most dynamic and versatile game in the world of mobile cricket
As a gaming influencer in India, you can cover WCC2 and WCC Rivals in your social media handles! :)

Do able: High-quality production video
Creative and engaging content
Good pronunciation

Don't: Poor quality

Backlink: Back link

Deliverables: 1 youtube video with social media amplification

Apply till: Jul 20th, 2019

Eligibility: Gaming influencer / Youtuber in India

Youtube Subscriptions more than 10000

Facebook Likes more than 5000

Campaign closed