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World Cricket Championship Lite

Brief: Nextwave Multimedia is a leading Mobile game developer, focused on developing quality casual and multi-player games in the sports genre. Recently, Nextwave Multimedia has become an independent subsidiary of Nazara Technologies, India's leading Mobile game publisher.  They are launching their new app World Cricket Championship Lite (a 36MB version of their already existing app World Cricket Championship 2). 
World Cricket Championship Lt is an entertaining cricket game that puts you in the shoes of a star cricket player. Your objective is to lead your team to victory in all of the game's three modes: World Cricket Championship, World Premiere League, and Super Fantasy Cricket League.
World Cricket Championship Lite is is a game built for you, the cricket fan! As a cricket fan and sports enthusiast, one can look forward to more cricket shots, cricketing venues, new controls and new camera angles, high voltage-power-packed tournaments including the famous World Cup, T20 Cup, Blitz tournaments, Test cricket, Hot events and more. 'World Cricket Championship 2' has features that make it the most dynamic game in the world of mobile cricket. Overall this is an insanely fun app.
As a sports and gaming influencer, you can review and create content about the World Cricket Championship Lite mobile gaming app and cover the app on your blogs and social media channels!

Goals: Increase the engagement and reach based on the targeted audience for WCC
Increase app downloads and retain gamers using the app

Do able: High-quality content for the blogs with good resolution pictures

Don't: Grammatical errors
Bad quality images

Deliverables: 1 blog post
1 Social Media Amplification( FB or Twitter or Instagram) Whichever channel has the highest reach of audience
App reviews on the WCC app

Apply till: Jan 31st, 2019

Eligibility: A cricket, gaming or technology Influencer from India, Uk and Australia

Rewards: Apply to receive

Campaign closed