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The Mask Diaries

Brief: Forced to live through a troubled and painful childhood, Sohrab is cursed with an enormous gift. Able to read and influence the minds of those around him, he embarks on a remarkable journey that takes him across the world. Finding immense success as a renowned mind reader, Sohrab is torn between good & evil. Talking about love, loss, forgiveness and purpose of life, the book not only tickles the eternal romantic in you but also shows how self - realisation can lead to healing of the soul. The protagonist takes you along, on his spiritual journey of self-acceptance, facing fears, & forgiveness. The book definitely resonates with the reader and makes you smile. Is it you who is living your life or the mask? Read to find out in the book “ The Mask Diaries” As a book or lifestyle Influencer, you can read the book and review it on your Blog and Social Media Channels

Deliverables: 1 Blog post of 650-700 words
1 post across all social media channels

Apply till: Mar 31st, 2017

Eligibility: Lifestyle & Book Influencers or Bloggers in India

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