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Super Million Hair

Brief: Super Million hair is processed natural hair building fibres which conceals thinning hair. It’s made out of vegetable fibres which are negatively charged 0.2 mm fibres which stick to positively charged hair naturally to give the hair a thicker look. For people with thin hair, Super Million Hair works the best as its specially formulated SMH mist makes the fibres lock on the hair and make them wind, water & sweat resistant. Super Million hair fibre is made in Japan and selling since 1986. With a network of 200+ worldwide distributors in 70 + countries, it’s sold 12 Million pieces globally to date. The product is ISO certified, approved by Health Ministry of India & extremely safe to use. Its available in 4 shades – Black, Dark Brown, Medium Brown, & light brown. As a Lifestyle, Beauty, or Fashion Influencer you can use the product on a thin hair (male or female) subject and review it on your Blogs, YouTube channel & Social Media Channels.

Deliverables: 1 video explaining the application and benefits of the product
1 Blog post of 650 words
1 Post on all Social Media Channels

Apply till: Nov 30th, 2017

Eligibility: Lifestyle, Beauty & Fashion Influencers in India

Rewards: Apply to receive details

Campaign closed