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Suasth Clinic

Brief: Suasth One-Step Clinic is a leading de-addition & wellness clinic based in Mumbai. Their medical specialists provide the best care for people struggling with addiction offering evidence-based medical treatment. Their services include Naltrexone Implants, homecare, Online therapy, alcohol detox, family support, etc. Their focus is to prevent relapse and improve the quality of their client’s life by providing the most up-to-date care in a highly professional outpatient setting. They promote the involvement of family as part of the process and provide specific support to family members affected by addiction. They lead the way in bringing international best practice in de-addiction treatment to India. Their programs give their clients the best chance of recovery and a fresh start, free from addiction and relapse. As a Lifestyle or Parenting Influencer in Mumbai, you can visit the clinic in South Mumbai and cover the experience on your Blog & Social Media Channels.

Deliverables: 1 Blog-post of 650-700 words with relevant backlinks
2 posts across all Social Media Channels including Facebook, Instagram & Twitter.

Apply till: Dec 15th, 2017

Eligibility: Lifestyle and Parenting Influencers in Mumbai

Campaign closed