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Plej Fitness

Brief: Plej fitness is a pioneering initiative undertaken by three fitness experts with over 15 years of experience in fitness. They aim to provide world-class fitness training experience to its members and stakeholders. Random Act of Fitness is a recent initiative aimed at reinforcing healthy and fit lifestyle patterns. RAF is developed on the ground activity where the influencer is involved in influencing his audience to take up small everyday small activities which can appear to be quite random. For example:
1. Someone taking the stairs instead of the lift on a particular day
2. Someone doing a bench press at a bus stand
3. Someone deciding to remove the cheese from their pizza
4. Someone deciding to walk home instead of taking a bus or an auto
As a Lifestyle or Fitness Influencer based in Bangalore, you can be a part of this campaign which would involve activities like visiting the property, running contests, inviting your fans to the property and covering the whole experience on your Social Media Channels.

Goals: The goal of this campaign is to invite influencers audience to the gym and create brand awareness which will eventually lead to footfalls.

Do able: Create engagement around fitness and simple everyday routines which can create an impact on your lifestyle

Don't: Sharing content without relevant pictures and videos

Deliverables: 1. Visit our on ground random act of fitness set up
2. Conduct #Radomactoffitness among your audience
3. Conduct contests amongst your audience to invite footfalls to the gym
4. Create interesting videos and content around your experience
5. 3 posts on Instagram including 2 videos

Apply till: Nov 29th, 2018

Eligibility: Fitness & Lifestyle Influencers in Bangalore

Rewards: One year membership at Plej

Campaign closed