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Brief: PiNWi stands for Play-Interest-Wise and is a smart parenting tool that helps in understanding what drives kid's interest, their likes & dislikes with the help of data which in turn helps parents make smarter choices based on their kid's interests. It is designed as a daily use mobile app and is useful for parents who constantly strive to uncover and understand their children’s interests. While most parents intuitively understand, there is no easy or objective way for them to know what “truly” drives their child’s interests. PiNWi offers parents an unbiased and impartial way to both map and manage their children’s ever-evolving interests. Using data collected directly from children, PiNWi helps parents make sense of their children’s likes and dislikes on a daily basis and makes it easy for them to stay interest focused when making decisions for their children. It’s intuitive, insightful and the smartest way for parents to listen to their children. As a Parenting or Technology Blogger, you can cover PiNWi on your Blogs and Social Media Channels.

Deliverables: 1 Blog post of 800-1000 words
1 post across all social media channels including Facebook, Twitter, & Instagram

Apply till: Jul 31st, 2017

Eligibility: Parenting & Technology Bloggers

Rewards: Apply to receive details

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