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Paisa Pujari

Brief: Paisa Pujari is a Hindi youtube channel where the idea is to educate users on different financial aspects ranging from mutual funds, different types of loans, how to file tax etc. We understand the value of money hence have created videos on creating awareness on how best our users can make money work for themselves. As a lifestyle and financial influencer in India, you can cover this channel on your youtube video and engage your audience! :)

Goals: To increase awareness about the Paisa Pujari channel by creating finance-related content in Hindi

Do able: High quality engaging video content
Good Hindi content

Don't: Bad Hindi content

Backlink: Back link

Deliverables: 1 YouTube Video with social amplification( fb/insta/twitter)

Apply till: May 01st, 2019

Eligibility: A Lifestyle and Finance influencer who has great video production skills and is fluent in the Hindi language

Rewards: Apply to receive

Campaign closed