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My Didi Influencer Campaign

Brief:, is an on-demand services platform powered by women based in Mumbai.They aim to deliver you the best suited domestic help with their Didis. Mydidi provide its ‘Didis’ with apprentice and thorough training. The Didi’s are handpicked and trained to deliver home cleaning services on demand. Each of their Didi is background verified and professionals in their field. Currently their services include regular home cleaning (sweeping, swabbing, dusting, mopping, washroom cleaning, and utensils) and specialized cleaning (which includes regular cleaning plus cleaning of walls, ceilings and cabinet interiors). Their flexible housekeeping services, in Mumbai, at rates tailored for everyone’s convenience, will ensure that your house is made spotlessly clean whilst you lean back and relax. As a lifestyle or parenting blogger you can review their services and cover the experience on your blog and social media channels.

Apply till: Dec 31st, 2016

Eligibility: Lifestyle and Parenting influencers and bloggers in Mumbai

Rewards: Please apply to receive details

Campaign closed