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MEVO – The Absolute Fitness

Brief: Mevo is a true all-round fitness app that makes it easy and fun to get fit. Mevo incorporates healthy recipes, healthy dine-out options, diet tips, work out options, yoga sessions, etc. The exercise section of the App tracks over 500 daily workouts and shows a graph of progress over time, for motivation. It has in-built steps tracker & allows GPS tracking. It also helps in tracking your health, which includes a fitness calculator, calories counter, & nutrition analysis. The rewards section of the App allows you to earn rewards, which can be used to buy real merchandise from the Mevo shop. Mevo is a new way to approach Fitness. It's not just an app; it's a complete lifestyle supplement that complements one’s everyday living. It provides a wholesome and integrated approach to living fit in every possibility. It's a one stop solution that provides every possible thing you can think around fitness. As a lifestyle/health-related blogger, you can cover the App on your blogs and social media channels.

Apply till: Feb 28th, 2017

Eligibility: Lifestyle and Health related Bloggers

Rewards: Apply to receive details

Campaign closed