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Manoke- Music App

Brief: Manoke is an award-winning App that provides access to some of the popular Indian music. Using the App, you can listen to, manage and play your music library on the go. One can learn and play their favourite songs on guitar, keyboard and drums. It gives you access to the lyrics for the songs and frees you from maintaining notes using the traditional book and paper. It also has features to keep notes and access the scores in your library instantly. The app includes a multi-instrument orchestral arrangement and comes with a number of powerful features for musicians and singers. The App is available for iOS and Android.
As the navratri festival season is around influencers can pick their favourite bollywood number related to navratri and play it using their musical instruments .
As a music Influencer with an interest in playing different kinds of musical instruments, you can cover Manoke on your YouTube channel & Facebook Channel.

Goals: Make a YouTube Video playing a musical instrument and give a positive review about the app and talk about its usage

Do able: A well-shot video with the best lighting and angles

Don't: Bad sound Low quality

Backlink: Back link

Deliverables: 1 YouTube Video (OR)
1 Facebook Video

Apply till: Oct 12th, 2018

Eligibility: Music Influencer - Guitarist, drummer, pianist etc.
Influencer with YouTube channel from India

Rewards: Apply to receive

Campaign closed