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Kitsune-build dynamic severless websites

Brief: Kitsune was designed with the vision of enabling every developer to build and deploy dynamic web apps on the cloud. Kitsune provides an HTML based programming language which developers can use to build a dynamic serverless application with ease. All the developer needs to do is work on the business logic and UX and publish. Kitsune will take care of compiling the code and deploying it on the required cloud components. You even get a custom CMS for the end user out of the box. Every web app published on Kitsune is by default infinitely scalable and fault tolerant. So instead of needing to learn how to work with a CDN, the function computes, API gateways, different caches, DBs and storage components, all the developer needs to know is HTML! Kitsune has already partnered with AWS, AliCloud, and GCP, which empowers developers to choose which cloud they wish to deploy on. One can also migrate between cloud providers with the click of the button. Anyone can log in and start building with Kitsune for free (just need funds for publishing). All you need is a Google login. Kitsune is one of the first players in the space and the first to build this technology from the ground up in India. As a Technology Influencer active on YouTube you can use Kitsune and cover it on your YouTube, Blog and Social Media Channels.

Goals: The goal is to create interesting stories/narratives around the brand to show its exclusivity, along with a demo.

Do able: 1) Quality content with brand plugins 2) Use the software

Don't: 1. Grammatical errors

Backlink: Back link

Deliverables: 1 blog post or YouTube video
2 Social media posts on Facebook, Twitter & Instagram (one picture post and one short demo)

Apply till: Sep 01st, 2018

Eligibility: Technology Influencers in India

Rewards: Apply to receive details

Campaign closed