Hike – Social Media Platform

Brief: Be amongst the first 1000 Influencers to share content on HIKE & grow Social Influence by 100X with Hike! We invite you to grow and engage with new fans on Hike! Create amazing content over the next three months on Hike and grow your fan base amongst 120 million HIKE users. Additionally, stand a chance to win rewards based on milestones you touch in terms of your followers & also get an opportunity to meet celebrities in your space. Get an early mover advantage on the newly launched Social Media platform and have your content showcased to 120M users. Apply now to be part of the Exclusive Social Media platform in Feb 2018.

Deliverables: Get massive reach to 120 Million users by following the below steps -
- Download the Hike App
- Share your Hike Id with us
- Post content for 5/7 days in a week over next 3 months (which means 20-25 content pieces in 1 month)
- Become an active user by posting regularly over the next three months

Apply till: Feb 28th, 2018

Eligibility: An Instagram Influencer with 5000+ following

Rewards: Get massive reach to 120 Million users

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