Forum Mall - End of Season Sale | Influencer Campaigns in India

Forum Mall – End of Season Sale

Brief: The Forum Mall is inviting leading Fashion & Lifestyle Influencers from, Bangalore to be a part of their End of the Season Sale (from 24th- 31st June) Campaign. The campaign involves visiting the mall, styling the outfits & putting together a few looks from various brands like Soch, Lifestyle, Fabindia, RMKV, MAX, Reebok, Bodyshop, and other popular stores in the mall.

Goals: To increase store visits for the End of Season Sale.

Do able: 1. Create content by visiting the various stores inside the mall.

Don't: 1. Images with bad lighting and incorrect content.

Backlink: Back link

Deliverables: 1. Visit the store and style outfits 2. Create 3-4 Social Media Posts - To be shared on all social media platforms 3. Run a contest

Apply till: Jul 17th, 2018

Eligibility: Fashion and Lifestyle Influencers Bangalore

Rewards: Apply to receive details

Campaign closed