Digital Marketing Insights 2017 | Influencer Campaigns in India

Digital Marketing Insights 2017

Brief: Digital Marketing Insights 2017 deals with the different aspects of digital marketing and the methods marketers can use to leverage the digital medium to grow sales and revenue. The book will take you through the digital marketing trends you must watch out for in 2017 and insights from key areas of digital marketing such as social media, content, video, SEO, digital advertising, mobile app marketing, and user experience design. As a Book or Lifestyle Blogger you can purchase the book from Amazon and review it on your Blogs & Social media Channels. 

Deliverables: 1 blog post of 750-800 words about the book with a backlink to Amazon listing of the book. The content should be of high quality, informative and engaging.
1 post across all your Social Media channels- Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.
1 review on Amazon

Apply till: Aug 15th, 2017

Eligibility: Book & Lifestyle Bloggers in India

Rewards: Apply to receive details

Campaign closed