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BonOrganik – Mother’s Day Special

Brief: Being a mother entails a lot of responsibilities and more importantly juggling these responsibilities in a fast-paced world which makes it demanding. A shift from womanhood to motherhood brings in new experiences, a lot of excitement, and few uncertainties. Keeping pace with these new responsibilities and having time for yourself and your career can be challenging. Today, new age moms are focusing on personal goals to ensure everlasting happiness. Today happiness is not a passive goal. It needs to be actively and mindfully pursued. Moms worldwide are now focusing on fitness, careers, travel, personal styling, socialising and pursuing their hobbies and passions along with successfully raising their children. Aligned to this idea, BonOrganik, a famous E-commerce brand is looking to promote their "Just like Mom" collection for the upcoming Mother's Day. Their collection includes adorable Mom & daughter dresses, Mom & son tees, Mommy & Baby merchandise. As a Parenting Influencer, you can review their collection on your Blogs & all Social Media channels.

Deliverables: 1. Blog post 650-700 characters
2. Image post on all social media channels
3. On Instagram add website URL in the bio on the day of the post.
4. Product review video or testimonial video on facebook + youtube + Instagram.
5. Add our URL on every post / image / video. Wherever applicable.

Apply till: Apr 18th, 2018

Eligibility: Parenting Influencers in India

Rewards: Apply to receive details

Campaign closed