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Get Subscribers on YouTube: Secrets to Scale Your YouTube Family

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  • Updated Date : October 5, 2022

How to Get Subscribers on YouTube

Gaining subscribers on YouTube is not a cakewalk, but it is not a mountain climb as well. 

Did you know that YouTube has nearly 1.7 billion unique monthly visitors? YouTube is the second largest search engine and is the most preferred platform for gaining information and entertainment.

YouTube is an effective platform that is being made use of by numerous creators to create, innovate, publish and inspire. 

The fastest growing YouTube account worldwide as of 2020 is the comedian and gamer’s channel AddictedA1*. It has an annual follower growth of 199.99 %.

Numerous Indian YouTube creators are also witnessing rapid growth in a short time. 

If you are a creator and want to showcase yourself, then YouTube can be the best platform for you to grow your audience base and also generate revenue out of it. 

If you are wondering how to get subscribers on YouTube, then this space will give you clarity on what you can do to scale up your YouTube. 

Get subscribers on YouTube and scale up your channel

Here are a few tips to get subscribers on YouTube and grow your channel: 

1. Consistency is the key 

It is no surprise that the more consistent you are in producing your video content, the more your audience will be hooked to your channel. Consistency is the first step to getting subscribers on YouTube. 

Set a time frame for your channel and post accordingly. There are a few experts who state that posting three times a week would be ideal.

But then, again, it depends on you and the niche of your channel. Be it once a week or twice a week, just make sure you are regular in posting. 

Posting regularly will create an impression among the audience for your channel. This creates a better engagement rate as well. Eventually, your audience will look forward to more of your content and subscribe to your channel. 

2. Optimize your YouTube Channel for Maximum Visibility

Optimize your channel to the best of your ability to produce unique content, increase your reach, and get subscribers on YouTube. Below are a few basic ways to optimize your content. 

Optimize your channel for YouTube subscriber increase hack free.

  • Catchy video title 

Frame the title in such a way that it evokes the audience’s curiosity and gets them to click on your YouTube video. 

The most common mistake YouTubers make with regard to getting the audiences’ attention is that they make use of a title with no relevance to the content in it. 

Ensure you don’t mislead the audience into dummy content that is irrelevant to the title to get subscribers on YouTube. Unwanted clickbait headlines can be avoided, and this makes sure that your safeguard the authenticity and brand image of your page.

Add a legit, catchy, relevant title to your video and optimize it to the best. 

  • Keyword optimization strategies 

If you are wondering how to get 1000 subscribers on YouTube for free, then there is no other way than to best optimize it with keywords. 

Since YouTube is the second largest search engine, it has the ability to rank on google SERP as well. If you had noticed, you would see that YouTube videos does show up on google searches. 

Optimizing it with the best of the keywords with good search volume can work the best. 

  • Attractive thumbnails 

Create a thumbnail for every YouTube video that you post. Make sure that the thumbnail of your video is of good quality and has eye-grabbing entities. 

Doing so will give your videos a polished look. This will make your playlist as well look structured and well put together. 

Adding an attractive thumbnail acts as a catalyst in YouTube subscriber increase hack-free. 

3. Provide valid and well-researched content 

Everything boils down to one thing. Content is the king. Make sure your content is well researched and provides valid content. If you are wondering how to get 1000 subscribers on YouTube for free, then quality content is the key. 

Creating YouTube videos in the storytelling format can be tricky as it is mostly a one-man show. But you can carry it out by using characters and visuals. 

Adding a few statistics and facts here and there can increase the credibility of your content. But, while doing so, ensure it is engaging and keeps the audience hooked. 

In general, to get subscribers on YouTube, you just have to get out there and present the right things the right way. After all, the audience and viewers are there for your content. 

You can add visuals that will interest and engage your audience. This will require video editing skills to add the relevant visuals that will work out best for the video content. 

4. Indulge in channel branding 

So, if you are contemplating how to get free YouTube subscribers, just know that there is no better way than to indulge in channel branding.

Create a catchy channel name as the first step to creating channel branding. Create a brief description of your channel; this should speak for your brand’s niche and what your content is about.

One of the smartest and most interesting ways for channel branding is to get out on social media and promote yourself and your brand. This will indirectly boost your channel presence and value, thereby creating a brand for your channel. 

5. Promote on other social platforms 

Social media is the best tool you can use for promoting your YouTube videos and is the best way to get subscribers on YouTube

Promote your content in bits and pieces here and there in the form of reels and posts. You can also see how to grow with reels and increase your social media reach and engagement.  You can create a page for your channel and curate short content of YouTube videos in the same. 

But, what would work best to get better engagement and get subscribers on YouTube would be creating a personal touch. So, create a personal page for yourself and indulge in personalization. 

You can actively curate innovative, engaging content on social media and drive YouTube subscribers from there. 

6. YouTube shorts and YouTube cards are pivotal

YouTube shorts and YouTuber cards are two of the best techniques you can use if you are thinking about getting 1000 subscribers on YouTube in a week. 

YouTube shorts are doing exceptionally as people have started to prefer short-form content.  

Given that tik tok videos and Instagram reels have revolutionized the way we consume content, it is only obvious that YouTube in itself has decided to jump into creating short videos. 

You can create snippets of your videos and add them as shorts. YouTube shorts will show up on your target audience’s feed. This will drive traction to your channels easily and get the viewers to check out your channel and subscribe to it. 

YouTube cards are nothing but videos card that you add at the end of your video. These are clickable links or videos which will direct the viewers to other relatable videos in your channel. 

YouTube cards will increase the viewer’s engagement and drives better traffic, thereby helping you get subscribers on YouTube

7.YouTube advertising comes as an aid 

YouTube ads aid to get free YouTube subscribers.


YouTube advertising always works the best for increasing visibility and growing your subscriber base. 

It doesn’t always hold well to get free YouTube subscribers fast. Sometimes you would have to invest in witnessing rapid results and profits. Advertising can be one of the best ways out of this. 

You can promote your videos on various communities and channels. This will improve your brand reach and provide a quick boost in engagement, visibility, and subscriber count. 

Skippable and non-skippable ads, display ads, sponsored ads, etc., are a few of the advertising methods to increase your channel’s visibility and get subscribers on YouTuber

You can also try advertising on other platforms, such as Facebook and Instagram, to reach out to more audiences. 

8. Engage with your audience

Apart from promoting your content on social media, you can also engage with them through contests and giveaways. Numerous YouTube influencers in India do the same. 

To engage with your audience, you can also conduct giveaways. This is one of the best ways to get free YouTube subscribers fast. Conduct a small competition or activity. It can be in any form, like asking your viewers to drop in a comment or a mail. Later, you can pick out a few viewers who participated and incentivize them as a part of your giveaway. 

There are a few YouTubers who socialize and meet up with their loyal subscribers. This creates a strong community for the channel. You can start off small and even indulge in this once you reach a substantial number of subscribers. 

9. Ask your viewers to subscribe

To get free YouTube subscribers, nudge the viewers to subscribe.

Ask, and it shall be given works firmly in this. One of the best ways to increase your YouTube subscribers is to ask your YouTube subscribers to subscribe to your channel. This is the simplest way to YouTube subscriber increase hack free. 

You can add a visual in your video as a strong CTA, asking your viewers to subscribe. The visual can also indicate the viewers to click on the bell icon so that they could get a notification when any new video or new content is rolled out. 

Do it the old-school way. Yes, that’s right, ask your viewers to subscribe right away and get free YouTube subscribers fast. 

10. Collaborate and create 

Collaboration will always come in handy. You can collaborate with other YouTubers of your niche or beyond to create content. This will increase your view and visibility among the other audience and is one of the best ways to YouTube subscriber increase hack free. 

You can also do brand collaborations. Brand collaborations are the best way to earn and grow on YouTube. If you want to do brand collaborations and endorse brands, you can signup on We act as a bridge between YouTuber influencers and brands to bring out the best marketing strategies and reach out to customers. 

Hope the above content gave you an idea of how to increase subscribers on YouTube effectively. Implement the same to grow and upscale your channel. If you have any suggestions or queries, do let us know in the comments below. 

FAQs on How to Get Subscribers on YouTube

1. How to get 1k subscribers on YouTube?

If you are targeting to gain 1000 subscribers from scratch, you can start by breaking down your goals. Then, you can pick a niche, post consistently, optimize your YouTube channel to the best of your ability, and you will 1k subscribers in no time. 

2. How can I get YouTube subscribers quickly?

There is no shortcut to increasing your subscribers count, but you can follow a few methods to do so. If you are wondering how to grow your YouTube channel and get subscribers quickly, post quality content consistently. 

3. How can I get free subscribers?

It does not cost you to get subscribers organically. You can get free YouTube subscribers by producing quality content and following a few best practices like optimization, channel branding, collaboration, advertising, and more.

4. How do YouTubers get paid?

If you are wondering how to grow your YouTube channel and get paid, then know that there are two ways of revenue generation through YouTube. One is through subscribers count. To get paid YouTubers should have 1000 subscribers and 4,000 watch hours in the past year. The other is through advertising revenue. You get paid through display ads in your videos. 

5. Why is my YouTube channel not growing?

There could be a delay in the growth of your YouTube channel because there could be something that is not working out between the channel and your audience. To get subscribers on YouTube and grow your channel, look for entities like niche that the audience relates with, quality of your content, clarity of your videos, consistency of your posting, and more. Follow this if you are wondering how to get 1000 subscribers on YouTube in a week or less. 

6. How to Increase Subscribers on YouTube quickly?

To increase your YouTube subscribers quickly, work on strong channel branding and produce quality content. Roll out quality content consistently and promote it on various channels. Indulge in collaborations as well. These are the best ways for YouTube subscriber increase hack free. 

7. Can I buy YouTube subscribers?

If you are wondering how to get 1000 subscribers on YouTube in a week or less, then buying can be an option. There are quite a few websites that offer you a plan to buy YouTube subscribers. However, for long-term benefits, it is best to grow your subscribers organically. 

8. As a YouTuber, how do I get to collaborate with brands?

As your YouTube page and its reach grow, brands will start reaching out to you. You can also sign up on and showcase your page. We will reach out to you for brand collaborations. 

9. How do I promote my YouTube channel?

You can promote your YouTube channel on social media and as well as by collaborating with other creators. If you are wondering how to increase subscribers on YouTube, then there’s no better way than to promote your channel.

10. Can I get 1M subscribers on YouTube?

Yes, with efforts, quality content, and consistency, you can get 1M subscribers on YouTube. This will generate greater revenue for you. 

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