Legend of Vyas

Brief: This is the World's First Mahabharata based collectible card game series where Mythology, Gaming and Art come alive! It's developed by Vansh Games, a Singapore-based start up with founders from Singapore, India and Malaysia. The game series is based on the battle between two or more Mahabharata heroes in an exhilarating card game format. The first edition, The Better Bowmen-Arjuna vs Karna is now available on the website and soon to be available on all popular e-commerce sites in the country. We invite Influencers to review the game in your social media platforms and blogs.

Apply till: Dec 31st, 2016

Eligibility: Social Media Influencers and Lifestyle / Parenting Bloggers (Gamers and Mythology Buffs)

Rewards: Apply to receive details.

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