Bon Happetee – Your Health App

Brief: Bon Happetee is a mobile app that gives users the freedom to eat what they love within the boundaries of their own health goals. Its an app that helps users to optimize their lifestyle in a fun and engaging manner by bridging the gap between wanting to eat tasty food and maintaining health at the same time. It’s your personal lifestyle coach, only more delicious. The technology behind the app behaves like a chef and a nutritionist rolled up in one recommendation engine. The app provides custom daily meal plans and real time nutrition analytics that tell you how good your meals are and how to improve them. Further the app goes beyond to recommend a smart diet plan tailored to your metabolic and taste profiles. As a Food/Lifestyle or Technology Blogger you can review their App on your blog and Social Media Channels

Apply till: Feb 28th, 2017

Eligibility: Food, Lifestyle and Technology Bloggers across India

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